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All you need to know about Section 8 Company in India

Section 8 Company is one of the most talked and preferred NGO types. The reason, why you should opt for Section 8 NGO when compared to trust and society, is...


| Updated: Jan 05, 2019 | Category: NGO Registration

NGO Registration types and their benefits

If you’re going to start an NGO, then you must first obtain NGO registration. Furthermore, you must be aware of the various NGO registration types and their benefits so that...

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NGO registration can be considered as the first step towards serving of the society and runs it with the social service purpose, these entities work towards the well being of...

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| Updated: Aug 08, 2018 | Category: NGO Registration

How to Register an NGO Under Section 8 of Companies Act in India?

An NGO stands for the non-government organization that has an intention of doing charitable work. Any NGO can get an NGO Registration in India under any of the following acts...

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| Updated: Jun 14, 2018 | Category: NGO Registration

NGO Registration in India

If you have decided to start your NGO and set up all and waiting to get it registered, then this article will help you with the information regarding the registration...

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| Updated: May 30, 2018 | Category: NGO Registration

What is NGO Registration?

An NGO or non-governmental organization is an entity which is not for profit but is created for the welfare of the poorer areas of the society or those who are...

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| Updated: Nov 02, 2017 | Category: NGO Registration

How to set-up a Multi-State Co-operative Society Registration

Co-operative society a society registered or deemed to be registered under any law relating to cooperative societies for the time being in force in any State. Multi-State co-operative society a...

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| Updated: Nov 02, 2017 | Category: NGO Registration

Maharashtra Cooperative Society

A cooperative credit society is defined as a cooperative society & the primary object of which is to provide financial accommodation to its members & includes a cooperative l& mortgage...

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