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The Knowledge Corner
Get an IEC Code for Small Business
Japsanjam Kaur Wadhera
| Updated: Dec 09, 2020 | Category: IEC

Ways to Get an IEC Code for Small Business in India

The economic development of India has grown rapidly. The growth in the import and export of the goods and services has encouraged the small businesses and entrepreneurs to start up...

benefits of IEC for International Traders
Mudit Handa
| Updated: Nov 28, 2020 | Category: IEC

Know 5 Benefits of IEC Code for the International Trade

The Import Export Code for International Traders that is commonly referred to as the IEC registration, is the first & foremost legal requirement for all the business units who wish...

IEC Registration Process in India
Sanchita Choudhary
| Updated: Nov 12, 2020 | Category: IEC

IEC Registration Process in India– Meaning and Procedure

In this era of tough competition where nothing can survive if you do not work hard, everyone wants to expand their business beyond the limits of the existing domestic market....

How to Apply and Print Certificate
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Aug 20, 2020 | Category: IEC

IEC Certificate: How to Apply and Print Certificate?

The term “IEC Certificate” denotes proof of IEC Registration. It is a mandatory prerequisite for every Commercial Importer and Exporter operating in India. This certificate contains a 10 digit unique...

IEC Code for Partnership Firm documents required
Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Mar 17, 2020 | Category: IEC

Documents Required for IEC Code for Partnership Firm

Import Export Code or IEC is a ten digit code which is issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Government of India and Department of Commerce. All the Indian...

Procedure for Import Export Code
Savvy Midha
| Updated: Jan 07, 2020 | Category: IEC

Procedure for Import Export Code in India

With increasing competition amongst the business in India, entrepreneurs are stepping out of the Local Markets to operate at a global level. Doing business abroad comes with several compliances and...

Apply For New Import Export Code
Savvy Midha
| Updated: Nov 29, 2019 | Category: IEC

How to Apply For New Import Export Code Registration

Businesses these days face cut-throat competition and have to survive in critical conditions. Due to this, many corporate cross national boundaries to increase their market and profit-making. However, doing business...

IEC Code License
Khushboo Priya
| Updated: Mar 05, 2019 | Category: IEC

Procedure for Getting A Online IEC Code License

Nowadays, everybody wishes to expand the business globally and generate as much revenue as possible. Undoubtedly, the business world has become quite competitive and hence, the idea of starting the...

Take your Business Global with IEC
Swarit Advisors
| Updated: Oct 16, 2018 | Category: IEC

Take your Business Global with IEC Code License

Once you establish a business and initiate the process of obtaining the various license and requisite registrations, it is very much possible for an individual to get confused. A startup...

Benefits of Import Export Code
Swarit Advisors
| Updated: Jun 08, 2018 | Category: IEC

What are the Benefits of Import Export Code?

In this age, everyone is looking forward to growing their business no matter its domestic or international. If you are planning to business outside India then it is not just...

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