Dashmeet Kaur

| Updated: Feb 18, 2020 | Category: FFMC, RBI Advisory

RBI Guidelines for Full Fledged Money Changers (FFMC)

India sustains a steady growth in the volume of foreign trade which enriches our country’s communication system and makes room for the traders to outreach the domestic boundary. The persistent...

Dashmeet Kaur

| Updated: Oct 15, 2019 | Category: FFMC, RBI Advisory

FFMC – How to Start Currency Exchange Business in India?

The thought of starting a currency exchange business must have crossed your mind as there are higher chances of earning substantial profits in it. Though recently there has been a...


| Updated: Aug 23, 2019 | Category: FFMC, RBI Advisory

Compliances for a Full Fledged Money Changer in India

According to Section 10 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, any business that seeks to engage itself in the money changers activity must acquire Full Fledged Money Changer License...

Gonica Verma

| Updated: Jul 06, 2019 | Category: FFMC

Time Required for Obtaining FFMC License in India

FFMC, an acronym used for Full-Fledge Money Changer, is the third category of Authorized Dealer (AD) of AMCs (Authorized Money Changers) apart from AD- Category 1 (Banks) & AD- Category...


| Updated: Feb 02, 2019 | Category: FFMC

How to Apply for FFMC License?

Before we begin with how you can apply for FFMC License, it is pretty crucial to understand the actual meaning of FFMC license. Hence, in this blog, firstly we will...

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