Dashmeet Kaur

| Updated: Jan 15, 2020 | Category: SEBI Advisory

Due Diligence Process for Merger and Acquisition

There is no shortcut to success; everyone must have heard this quote. However, in the corporate world, there exists one such strategic tool through which a company can quickly attain...

Dashmeet Kaur

| Updated: Jan 11, 2020 | Category: SEBI Advisory

Issue and Redemption of Debentures – Problems and Solutions

Shortage of funds is inevitable while running any business regardless of its size. Moreover, a single financial institute cannot suffice the requirement of a large sum of money.  Therefore, a...

Savvy Midha

| Updated: Dec 26, 2019 | Category: SEBI Advisory

What is the Difference Between Right Issue and Preferential Allotment?

For a better understanding of the difference between Right Issue and Preferential Allotment, one should know about these two kinds of share issues in detail. The main difference between Right...

Dashmeet Kaur

| Updated: Dec 25, 2019 | Category: SEBI Advisory

What are the top 5 Reasons for Merger and Acquisition?

Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest” exhibits that only those organisms will continue to sustain who quickly adapt to their environment, while the other will extinct. Same is the...

Dashmeet Kaur

| Updated: Dec 23, 2019 | Category: SEBI Advisory

What are the Different Types of Debentures?

Setting up a business is like a mountain to climb, wherein an entrepreneur has to face several challenges. Even if one manages to incorporate a company, it is just the...

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Savvy Midha

| Updated: Dec 02, 2019 | Category: News, SEBI Advisory

Securities Transaction Tax (STT) Rules 2004 – Income Tax Implications

Securities Transaction Tax Rules 2004 introduced with effect from 2004 by the then Finance Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram to cover the purchase and sale of securities under the ambit of...

Dashmeet Kaur

| Updated: Nov 25, 2019 | Category: News, SEBI Advisory

The Financial Impact of Merger and Amalgamation on Banking Sector

The present-day scenario of the banking sector has become nothing but a battlefield. Wherein, every bank strives to overpower the other by forming new financial schemes. The safest way to...

Savvy Midha

| Updated: Nov 23, 2019 | Category: SEBI Advisory

An Ultimate Company Takeover Checklist – for a Successful Acquisition

In the present era of continuously growing competition, existing businesses has to face different challenges that questions their very existence. With the change in time, customer preferences also keep on...

Dashmeet Kaur

| Updated: Nov 16, 2019 | Category: SEBI Advisory

What is the Securities Transaction Tax (STT) in India?

Taxpayers often take tax evasion measures to protect their tax outflow from the Government. Henceforth, it becomes requisite for the Government to keep a close eye on such measures and...

Savvy Midha

| Updated: Nov 14, 2019 | Category: SEBI Advisory

Step By Step Procedure for Issue of Shares by Public Limited Company

The issue of shares by Public Limited Company is governed under the provisions of Companies Act 2013. Public Company got incorporated under this act with limited liabilities of its members....

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