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Ways to Register Food Business Online with FSSAI Registration

Ways to Register Food Business Online
Japsanjam Kaur Wadhera
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The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India is a regulatory body established and governed by the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006[1]. It empowers the FSSAI to ensure the safety of food which is delivered to the consumers. It is necessary for an entrepreneur who is engaged in the food business, to get its business registered with FSSAI to continue its operation.  This article will give you insights on the ways to register food business online with FSSAI Registration.

Now, the entrepreneur need not go to the registration office to get its business registered. This can easily be done online on the website portal of the FSSAI by providing with the necessary documents for the registration.

Overview of Online FSSAI Registration

Any entrepreneur engaged in the business of food sector, whether in processing, manufacturing, packaging or distribution of food has to get its business registered with Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). Steps involved in the registration are

  • Selection of type of Food license.
  • Verifying FSSAI registration document.
  • Filing FSSAI application online.
  • Procurement of FSSAI food license.

Types of FSSAI Registration/License

There are three types of license which can be obtained by the Food Business Operators, depending upon the nature and size of their business.

FSSAI Registration Types

1. FSSAI Registration

All the Food Business Operators whose operations are in the small – scale or petty business registers its business with FSSAI Registration. The annual Turnover of such FBO’s is less than twelve lakh

2. State License

All the Food business Operators whose operation is in medium-size food business has to obtain State license. The annual turnover of such FBO’s is more than twelve lakh

3. Central License

All the Food Business Operators whose operation is in large scale business has to obtain Central License. The annual turnover of such FBO’s is that exceeds Twenty Crore.

Procedure for FSSAI Registration online

  • Online FSSAI Registration is done by filling the registration Form A, giving the contact details, email id and other details along with the payment of a prescribed fee
  • On the completion of the payment, Form B is filed under the government regulations. Other resolutions and declarations are also to be filed, such as broad resolution and ownership resolution.
  • On the completion of the process, a regular follow up on notifying the government department has to be done. The applicant must respond within a period of 15 days after the review of the application, otherwise, the application shall be cancelled.
  • The government department takes 45 to 60 working days to complete the review process. Once the application is verified, the license is approved and in some instances, a fee may be charged by the food inspector from the applicant.

What are the documents which are required to register food business online with FSSAI Registration?

Some of the documents which are required to be submitted along with the FSSAI online application are: –

FSSAI Registration and Common Documents for Central and State license to register food business online

  • Form A and Form B, signed and completed
  • Passport size photos (2)
  • PAN Card of proprietor, director, partner, business owner
  • Property papers if the property is owned, Utility bills (water or electronic) as a proof of possession of premises
  • Rent agreement if the property is rented
  • The Partnership Deed
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Article of Associate (AOA)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • List of food items that the business is involved in
  • Any caterers who are working under the central govt or the related agencies such as airlines, defence, seaport, railways etc.
  • Food Safety Management System (FSMS) pan ( only for State and Central Food license)

State and Central License

  • Form B signed and complete
  • A list of names of all the directors and partners
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Identity proof, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, driving license etc
  • NO Objection Certification (NOC) from the local municipality
  • Planned Food Safety Management System (FSMS)
  • Importer Exporter Code (IEC)
  • List of food categories and products
  • Proper layout plan of the proposed location
  • Water test report
  • List of equipment

Businesses requiring food license

It is necessary for every Food Business Operator (FBO) who is engaged in the food business to get its business registered or licensed under the Food Safety and Standard Authority (FSSAI).

FSSAI Registration is required for the small businesses that are petty retailers, hawkers etc and whose annual turnover is less than 12 lakh.

Whereas FSSAI License is required for small – scale or large scale businesses whose annual turnover exceeds 12 lakh. It involves importers, exporters, manufacturers etc for Central food license and traders, transporters or other mid-size entities for State license.

Following is the list where food license is mandatory

  • Manufacturing
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Storing
  • Distribution
  • Procurement
  • Dairy and dairy processing
  • Wholesaler
  • Retailer
  • Hotels, Restaurants and many others.

Benefits to Register Food Business

When a Food Business Operator obtains an FSSAI registration or License it gets the following benefits:-

  • Have an FSSAI Registration helps the Food Business Operators to maintain the credibility in the market since the consumers now are more cautious about the nature of the food they are consuming.
  • The logo of the FSSAI ensures goodwill among the consumers and helps the FBO’s to improve and enhance their business.
  • It helps the FBO’s to protect their business and ensure that the standard quality of food is being distributed.
  • It smooths all the processes and makes it efficient from manufacturing to the distribution and sale of food products.
  • After the FSSAI registration, the FBO has to follow the rules and ensure that hygiene and cleanliness is maintained.
  • FSSAI Registration helps the food businesses to grow and expand as consumers get attracted when it ensures safety and good quality food.
  • It is important for an FBO to obtain FSSAI registration to export food products.
  • It sets guidelines and procedures for assuring quality and safety of food products.

Validity and renewal of FSSAI registration/License

A Food Business operator (FBO) when once obtains the license; it is valid for a period of 1 year to 5 years.  It can be renewed by the FBO on the payment of the prescribed fees before the expiry of the license.


Food safety Compliance system (FoSCos) is introduced by FSSAU wef 1st June 2020 which is replaced with the existing food registration and licensing system. Food registration license is needed to the operation food business. The FBO has to register under the FSSAI to distribute, manufacture, process, transport etc of food products. FoSCos is a new system introduced by FSSAI to obtain a food license in India.

The license is needed to ensure purity, quality and other important requirements that consumers can rely upon.


Registering food business online with FSSAI Registration is the basic and must needed for all the entrepreneurs who are engaged in the food business, whether they are suppliers, wholesalers, traders, manufacturers, etc. Obtaining the license ensures that the food products have certain standards of quality and public health is the first priority for the Food Business Operators while delivery the food to the consumers.

Japsanjam Kaur Wadhera

Japsanjam Kaur Wadhera is an Advocate and has completed her BA.LLB (Hons) and has experience of writing various research papers during her college time. Earlier she was working as an Associate Advocate in a reputed Law Firm. She has an extreme interest in writing legal content and her core area falls under legal enactments, tax and finance.

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