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| Updated: Mar 25, 2020 | Category: Patent

Procedure to obtain Patent Registration Certificate

It takes sweat, hard work and determination to create a unique masterpiece. Original work is priceless and needs to be preserved by its creator. The inventor can safeguard his work...

Swarit Advisors

| Updated: Dec 19, 2018 | Category: Patent

Checklist for Patent Registration

Patent registration grants the right to the owner of the patent, for the invention done. It offers the benefits to the patentee such as supervising, creating, practicing, trading or importing...

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| Updated: Jun 30, 2018 | Category: Patent

Requirement for Invention to be Eligible for Patent Registration

Having a patent is having an exclusive right which will be then granted to you by the government in the case, you are an inventor and have presented with an...

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| Updated: Jun 21, 2018 | Category: Patent

Why is Patent Registration Important and How Can We Get it?

There’s a system of patenting in India that grants an owner of intellectual property rights over it. It is granted by the patent office of India and this patenting system...

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| Updated: May 26, 2018 | Category: Patent

How Patent Registration Can Be Useful for Individual in India?

Each day there’s an increase in individual inventors and small to medium-sized businesses regularly asking to patent their work by patent Registration. The process of Patent Registration will be discussed...

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Swarit Advisors

| Updated: May 11, 2018 | Category: Patent

What is Patent and what does it Work?

It is an exclusive right provided to the patentee by the government regarding his invention from making, using, selling, and importing the patented product without the patentee’s permission. In this article...

Swarit Advisors

| Updated: May 07, 2018 | Category: Patent

What is Intellectual Property and is Intellectual Property Rights?

Creations of mind are considered to be as valuable as other forms of property and are termed as Intellectual Property. These include scientific inventions, literally and artistic works, symbols, and...

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