Monisha Chaudhary

Monisha Chaudhary

Experienced Legal and Advisory professional with 5+ years of workings in the field of compliance, statutory governance and licensing, RBI, IRDAI matters etc.

How Preferential Allotment can Increase your Profit?

The company resorts to several alternates to raise funds to meet its day to day needs as well to meet its financial needs for funding its big projects. There are many ways a company can raise funds, such as:  Debenture issue Loans & Advances from banks and Financial Institutions Right issue of shares Bonus issue […]

What are the Strategies and Practice of Company Takeover

In an age of ever-growing competition & changing fast-paced technologies, the existing business houses face several challenges that question their mere existence. Corporates need to undergo structural modification to save their decay and old outlook. Corporates, therefore, rely on different growth strategies for pursuing new opportunities, to increase competitiveness or for expansion and diversification that […]

What are the Norms of Insurance Web Aggregator by IRDAI

A web Aggregator is an online intermediary that maintains a website for rendering the details of insurance products and policies. The website maintained by the web aggregator is useful for comparison of different products and services given by various insurers. These websites provide an interface for the following services: Price comparison Comparison of policies provided […]

Difference between Trade License and Company Registration

Starting a business in India is a complex procedure. Right from implementing the business plan to finding a suitable location, the business procedure consists of a linked chain of multiple activities. In addition to hiring employees, finding new clients, new business owners require proper registration with government authorities and acquire necessary licenses. Without the proper […]

How to obtain Prepaid Wallet License in India?

It is often observed that people confuse Prepaid Wallet with Digital Wallets. However, both of them are different. As we are well aware of the digital wallets, in this blog, we are going to discuss Prepaid Wallets. Let’s start with the definition- Defining Prepaid Wallet Prepaid wallets are the modes of online payment instruments for […]

How Can I Start My Own Mutual Fund Company

If you’re willing to start your own Mutual Fund Company, then you must first understand the concept of Mutual Fund. Basically, it’s a collection of money that is put together by investors. In other words, we can say that it’s a pool of money that manages to earn the highest possible return. All the money […]

Procedure for Registration of Market Intermediaries with SEBI

In the era of the closed market, there wasn’t any requirement of the intermediary as buyer & seller transact with one another nearby. However, with the expansion of the financial & capital market, the option for direct transaction became completely infeasible. As a result, the concept of Market Intermediaries evolved. Ever since then, market intermediaries […]

Procedure for Delisting of Equity Shares on Stock Exchange

Delisting of Equity Shares means the permanent removal of shares of a listed company from any of the stock exchange where it is listed. The public company grows and develops by utilizing the capital of public shareholding. The highest risk is with bottom players of pyramids who are Equity shareholders. The primary reason to take […]

Insurance Web Aggregators -IRDA Regulations 2017

In its notification dated 13th April 2017, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India laid down the IRDAI (Insurance Web Aggregators) Regulations, 2017 for Insurance aggregators. With the introduction of these rules, IRDA aims to supervise and monitor Web Aggregators to curb aggressive selling of insurance products and clarify various ambiguities that existed in […]

Advantages of Private Limited Company Over Limited Liability Partnership

Under the Indian Company Law, entrepreneurs have multiple options of business entities when commencing a business venture. They can choose the entity of their choice depending upon the amount of capital that they want to invest, the burden of liabilities, number of shareholders, etc. Private Limited Company has become a very popular choice among the […]

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