10 Facts you didn’t know about Public Limited Company

In India, there are two companies that are limited by shares; Private Limited and Public Limited Company. Public Limited Company is a company whose securities are traded in the stock market and could be sold to anyone. It is also called Publicly Held Company. In this company, the members have to follow strict rules and […]

Is NGO a profitable business? A Complete Overview

NGO, the acronym of Non-Governmental Organization, are mainly set up for bringing a social change in the country. However, establishing an NGO and maintaining a better consistency is still a challenging task in a country like India. The reason for the same is several legal complexities and the NGO Registration process. However, if you consult […]

Insurance Web Aggregators -IRDA Regulations 2017

In its notification dated 13th April 2017, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India laid down the IRDAI (Insurance Web Aggregators) Regulations, 2017 for Insurance aggregators. With the introduction of these rules, IRDA aims to supervise and monitor Web Aggregators to curb aggressive selling of insurance products and clarify various ambiguities that existed in […]

Advantages of Private Limited Company Over Limited Liability Partnership

Under the Indian Company Law, entrepreneurs have multiple options of business entities when commencing a business venture. They can choose the entity of their choice depending upon the amount of capital that they want to invest, the burden of liabilities, number of shareholders, etc. Private Limited Company has become a very popular choice among the […]

What is the Main Process of GST Migration Involved 2019

GST migration is considered as a process for insurance of the provisional GSTIN for existing and registered taxpayers under the Central Excise or Service Tax to enable the smooth transition to GST based on the implementation of the GST on 1/7/2017. Normally, the taxpayers who are registered under the VAT or excise or Service Tax […]

How FDI helps Private Limited Companies

FDI, known as the Foreign Direct Investment, helps Private Limited Companies in raising or obtaining funds, setting up the business, and with various other projects which aren’t easily available in India. There are various sources through which FDI can be obtained. But before we discuss how FDI can help private limited companies, it’s worthwhile to […]

Top 10 reasons why you should form Private Limited Company in India

Setting up a business is the most rewarding and exciting experience for every interested entrepreneur. When you decide to start a business, you should choose the right kind of business structure. Furthermore, selecting the proper business structure is also an important decision because it has enduring implications throughout the life-cycle of your business. Hence, you […]

Payroll Outsourcing Trends, Analysis and its Imprints on Global Market

Job satisfaction, equitable distribution of work, timely payroll processing, gratuity, and the pension benefits are of utmost importance to the recruits. Research has found that if these things are ensured, employees tend to remain in the organization for a longer duration of time, and help upscale the reputation and loyalty of the organization. Considering the […]

RBI Comes Out With Numerous Solutions To Eliminate P2P Lending Issues & India’s Credit Woes

The credit system has existed since the inception of trade and commerce. Its core concept remained the same, but related aspects have undergone several changes. The current international financial market is based on the flow of cash, and much of it is done on a credit basis. Though there was no shortage of traditional money […]

Advantages & Process of Nidhi Company Registration

Nidhi companies are regulated under section 406 of Companies Act, 2013. Nidhi companies are basically the part of an on-banking financial sector whose main motive is to promote the saving habits among the members of the company. In this company is allowed to accept deposits from its members and can lend money to its members […]

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