Monisha Chaudhary

| Updated: Sep 11, 2019 | Category: Private Limited Company, Trade

How are the Trade License and Company Registration Different

Starting a business in India is a complex procedure. Right from implementing the business plan to finding a suitable location, the business procedure consists of a linked chain of multiple...

Khushboo Priya

| Updated: Sep 07, 2019 | Category: Trade

How to Apply for Trade License in Uttar Pradesh

If you are starting a specific business or any trade activity in a certain municipal area, then you require a Trade License first. For example, if you are going to...

Khushboo Priya

| Updated: Jul 25, 2019 | Category: Trade

Documents Required for Obtaining a Trade License in India

Municipal Corporation Trade license is obligatory for every person willing to carry out a specific trade in a particular municipal area. But you will receive the permit only when you...

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