Mudit Handa

Mudit Handa

Mudit Handa is a keen and proficient writer & a researcher in the field of business compliance, finance, and taxation. Having a strong command on a wide range of disciplines including Indian economy, trade & commerce, legal compliance, quality management, real estate and banking, Mr Handa aims to impart useful business insights to the readers through his blogging skills.

7 Important Things to Know about FSSAI License Renewal Process

The FSSAI registration aka food license is the first and foremost requirement if you’re into any form of the food business. However, apart from mandatory FSSAI registration, the FBOs have to fulfil another regular compliance known as FSSAI renewal. The FSSAI license has to be immediately renewed upon expiry of its validity. FSSAI is an […]

Is It Possible to Sell a Registered Trademark in India?

The 21st century has ushered in the era of globalization in India. It is beyond any doubt that today, business competition has grown tougher than ever. In such a situation, one of the most valuable assets of a business entity today is the business trademark that safeguards the business brand name. Online Trademark registration has […]

Will GST Registration by Start-ups Come Under Investigation?

Suspicion of violation of GST norms by registered Start-ups These days the Union and State governments are seeking to consolidate the GST registration process for the new start-ups. The Authorities are set to reinforce the stringent legal measures on the newbie business entrants who wish to get online GST registration in India. Such harsh measures are being […]

Know 5 Benefits of IEC Code for the International Trade

The Import Export Code for International Traders that is commonly referred to as the IEC registration, is the first & foremost legal requirement for all the business units who wish to step into the vast global markets for importing or exporting their goods, services or both from India. The apex body designated for issuing the […]

Who has the right to own Trademark: Promoter or Company?

Significance of Trademark in today’s era                                             In today’s era of aggressive competition among the corporates, a Trademark registration is an indispensable necessity for a business entity rather than just being a perk. In fact, to apply for a trademark online is a sure-shot solution against all unwanted trade disputes or conflicts that may rise between two or more business competitors due to trademark infringement.   It is today a universal truth that a unique and original Brand logo is the most precious intellectual property for any business. Businesses manage to grab the […]

6 Things You Must Not Forget Before Applying for FSSAI Registration

Applying for FSSAI registration or food license online is pre-requisite if you are engaged into any sort of food business operations (FBO), whether it is related to manufacturing, processing, packaging, distribution, storage or even retailing.  FSSAI is a phrase for the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India. FSSAI is the apex regulatory body which […]

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