Neha Saxena

Neha Saxena

Ms. Neha Saxena is a Legal Counsel. She is B.A LLB (Hons) and holds Master degree in Business law. She posses expertise knowledge in the Corporate and Civil legal matters. She contributes to firms legacy and excellence. She handles legal matters in India as well as overseas.

Customer Friendly RERA Proving to be Encouraging for Private Equity Investors

RERA came into existence in the year 2016 and aims at protecting the rights of home buyers. It also helps in encouraging private equity investors by keeping a focus on their interests and assuring the safety of their invested money. In this blog, we will discuss mainly on how Customer friendly RERA encourages private equity […]

Things you must know before registering a Sole Proprietorship or a One-Person Company

The number of business entrepreneurs in India has been considerably increasing since the last two decades. When it comes to doing business independently, the best option opted by entrepreneurs is either Sole proprietorship or One-Person company (OPC). People often get confused with these two terms and use them interchangeably. However, these two terms are different […]

GST Reverse Charge – Know all the New Aspects under GST

Generally, the concept of Reverse charge mechanism under the GST regime can be considered as complicated one. Apart from that there also exists a misconception about the GST reverse charge mechanism among the taxpayers. There have been questions and queries regarding the mechanism of reverse charge under GST. The article is a critical analysis of […]

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PDC: All about Dishonour of Post Dated Cheque

In the lending world, banks / financial institutions have been a common norm insisting on borrowers taking dishonour of post-dated check as security. These post dated cheque (PDC’s) were astras (weapons) in the hands of the financial institution used to twist the borrowers ‘ arm and also act as a deterrent to ensure borrowers are […]

Red Alert for unregulated deposit taker:  The Unregulated Deposit Scheme Ordinance 2019

The Unregulated Deposit Scheme Ordinance 2019, popularly known as unregulated Deposit ordinance is regarded as the most impacting hurried ordinance after the introduction of GST and Demonetization in India. This ordinance aims at curbing the unregulated deposit,  Ponzi scheme, illegal chit funds, expose the hidden deposits. Further to an extent, it imposes the restriction and […]

Demerits and Disadvantages of GST

The concept of GST has no doubt has many advantages, however apart from that there are also some disadvantages and demerits of the same. Let’s discuss some of the Demerits and Disadvantages of GST which must be considered deeply. Software in GST Registration According to the analysis, it was found that to avail the facilities […]

GST Update that will win your heart!

The GST with its launch impacted in both ways positive and negative. Well! This update will surely win your heart. After intense discussions, a big relief to the small taxpayers has been brought in. Usually, the tax‘s are doubled, but this time the exemption limit has been doubled.  Yes! All the micro, small and medium […]

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The Private Security Agencies -Guidelines under PSARA Act 2005

A private security agency services (PSA) includes armed and unarmed security guards. They provide expertise services to their clients. PSA (Private security agencies) provides patrol services, bodyguard, guard dog, parking security in their services.In this article we will detail you about private security agencies guidelines under PASARA Act 2005 Private Security Agencies In India Private […]

What is the Procedure for Due-Diligence of NBFC?

What is the procedure for due diligence of NBFC is the most important question, one may encounter before reaching the decision of takeover of NBFC or acquiring any right or control or before investing into it. Well, in this article we will enrich your knowledge on this most crucial topic, so lets us get started. […]

How to get FSSAI License Renewal after Expiration?

If you own a food business or is operating in the food business you must have obtained FSSAI license. Most of the people don’t know that FSSAI License renewal is equally important as that of obtaining the FSSAI License. An FSSAI License is required to renew within its validity period itself. But what if you […]

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