How to get FSSAI License Renewal after Expiration?

FSSAI License Renewal after Expiration
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If you own a food business or is operating in the food business you must have obtained FSSAI license. Most of the people don’t know that FSSAI License renewal is equally important as that of obtaining the FSSAI License. An FSSAI License is required to renew within its validity period itself. But what if you miss out to license renewal within its validity time period? In this article, we will give you the solution for how to get Food license renewal after expiration. Here you go:

FSSAI License in India

FSSAI license or Food License or Food registration is commonly interchangeably used terms. It is required to be obtained by any person who is engaged in the food business in whatsoever format. The food business operator can be a manufacturer, producer, importer, exporter, engaged in the procurement, storage, distribution, and sale etc.

All Food business operators are regulated by the FSSAI act 2006 and are mandated to adhere to the rules and regulations pursuant to the FSSAI Act 2006. The Act is a single capsule of all governing acts and orders pertaining to Food-related matters by various Departments.

A Food License is granted in the form of 14 digit number, which is required to be displayed on the food product you are dealing into. The Ministry of Health and family welfare regulates FSSAI License and maintain the standard of food quality.

Fssai License in India

Food License renewal After expiration:

Obtaining the FSSAI License does not end your task. It is required to be renewed before the expiry of the validity period for which it has been obtained. In case you have missed out the date to renew the application, i.e. not later than 30 days before the expiration, apply for fresh FSSAI license, if you wish to continue the food business operations.

Well, before you get to know how to apply for FSSAI license after expiration. You must know what is the validity of FSSAI License?

FSSAI License Validity Period in India:

An FSSAI license can be obtained for a period ranging from 1 year to 5 years. At the time of filing an application for FSSAI License, one may decide for how long one wishes to obtain the FSSAI License. The fees for the FSSAI License shall also vary as per the number of years chosen for FSSAI registration. It is mandatory for all the Food business operators to start its food business only after obtaining the valid FSSAI license. To continue the business it is required to be renewed before the expiry of the FSSAI License validity.

If your food license expiry is keeping close stay attentive and remember you have to apply 30 days prior to the FSSAI License or registration Expiry date.

Penalties will be imposed if you forget FSSAI registration renewal, so it is always recommended to keep a check on FSSAI license expiry date.

Fssai License in India

Consequences of non-renewal of FSSAI License

If you do not want to attract any penalty, then keep your FSSAI license up to date. You are notified to renew your FSSAI license prior to its expiry and it is always better to apply for FSSAI registration renewal, the moment you receives the notification.

You must go for FSSAI registration renewal 30 days before the expiration of the license to evade the charges of late renewal of food license. You will be asked to pay Rs. 100 per day as a penalty, on failing to renew the license.

However take a note that the FSSAI License will continue to be in force, during the time the orders on the renewal application are passed in the favor of the applicant. It must not be beyond 30 days from the date of expiry of registration or license.

So here is the answer to the question,what to do if FSSAI license is not renewed within its validity period, a fresh application for FSSAI renewal is required to be applied.  Well FSSAI renewal procedure is quite simple, here you go:

Steps for FSSAI License/ Registration renewal procedure:

Step1: The very first step of FSSAI license renewal is to fill the Form A (Basic FSSAI Registration) or Form B (Central or State FSSAI registration) in accordance with the previous license along with the self-attested documents as mentioned under the guidelines of Food Safety and Standards Act, Regulations/Laws.

Well, Swarit Advisor can help you out in the compilation of all the documents required for Food License renewal.

Step 2: On receipt of the fully filled FSSAI License renewal application the authority will inspect it.

Step 3: The authority shall send its competent officers to conduct the inquiry of the establishment.

Step 4: FSSAI officer shall thereafter conduct a detailed inquiry and inspection of the Place of  Food Business and thoroughly inspects the standards and other guidelines in relation to your food business and formulate its report.

Step 5: FSSAI/Food license is required to be issued within 60 days by the appropriate authority.

What if you don’t receive any response from the authority side even after 60 days, then, in that case, you can run your food business without waiting for any reply.

NOTE:  When you go to the web portal to for renewing the food license, a message will pop up on the screen saying “Are you sure you want to apply for renewal of the Food License?”

Clicking on the OK button and not completing the process of renewal of FSSAI License leads to your company listed on the homepage as an Incomplete Application.

Documents required for Basic FSSAI License renewal after expiration

To file the application for FSSAI registration renewal, you must have all the following documents to be handy.

  1. Passport size photograph of the applicant
  2. Identification proof of the applicant (Voter ID card or Aadhar Card)
  3. Copy of PAN card
  4. Proof of address (Telephone bill, Mobile bill, Electricity bill, Gas bill)
  5. In case you own the business place attach house property papers copy
  6. Rent agreement copy along with the NOC (No Objection Certificate) letter from the landlord

Documents required for Central / State FSSAI License renewal after expiration

Apart from completely filled Form B and duly signed following is to be provided as an attachment to the Form for Food License Renewal:

  1. Photo of Partner/Director(s)/Authorized Signatory/Applicant.
  2. Address proof of the Partner/Director(s)/Authorized Signatory/Applicant.
  3. Layout plan of the food processing unit;
  4. Directors List along with ID proof;.
  5. Food category list  (for manufacturers);
  6. Authorization letter by the manufacturer to act on behalf of him to such authorized person;
  7. NOC from such municipality or local body if any;
  8. In the case of the applicant is a manufacturer; name and number of equipment as per installed capacity and horsepower is to be provided;
  9. Partnership deed/ a copy of MOA and AOA.
  10. Possession proof is important (Electricity bill, sales deed etc.) (in case of central license)
  11. A canceled cheque.

Note that in the case of Central FSSAI License renewal apart from above following is also required:

  1. Ministry of commerce certificate for 100 % EOU;
  2. Proof of turnover;
  3. Analysis report of water which will be used in the food;
  4. IEC documents issued by DGFT;

Browse through our articles on services provided at Swarit Advisors, and just let us know if we can help you with your company registration or tax filing or trademark registration.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. In case you are dealing in the meat processing unit or milk-related the source of a raw material of meat, meat processing unit, the source of milk, milk-related products, milk collection center is to be mentioned;
  2. It is mandatory for the hotel industry certificate provided by the Ministry of Tourism;
  3. In case of dealing in water packing work pesticide residue report of water for packaging of water like Mineral, carbonated etc is to be submitted.

Timeline for FSSAI License Renewal:

Swarit advisors assure you to get your FSSAI license in the shortest time in India, usually, it takes 2-3 working days. The Food License renewal fees will suit your pocket.

FSSAI License for Online Channels

Now, by the February 2017, FSSAI mandated for obtaining FSSAI license from Central licensing authority for the E-commerce food operators. They are required to enter into the agreement with the sellers/ manufacturers/ restaurants. Such entities must be complying with the Packaging rules and regulations of the FSSAI Act. Hence even they are required to apply for FSSAI License renewal before expiration.

Swarit advisors have helped so many food business owners to get their food license/ FSSAI License that it has become the first choice of people to contact in relation to the FSSAI license and for FSSAI License renewal.


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