Securities Transaction Tax (STT) Rules 2004 – Income Tax Implications

Securities Transaction Tax Rules 2004 introduced with effect from 2004 by the then Finance Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram to cover the purchase and sale of securities under the ambit of Income Tax Implication. Securities Transaction Tax stands for STT applied to all the transactions related to equity. Securities Transaction Tax was introduced with a motive […]

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Legal Framework of Foreign Trade Policy

FTP stands for Foreign Trade Policy. The Central government of India makes foreign trade policy for a tenure of 5 years, which consists of various ways of increasing the standing of India in the international market. The current Foreign Trade Policy of India incorporates the provisions relating to import-export of goods and services. It came […]

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How to Apply For New Import Export Code (IEC)

Businesses these days face cut-throat competition and have to survive in critical conditions. Due to this, many corporate cross national boundaries to increase their market and profit-making. However, doing business internationally is not that simple as it sounds and attracts much compliance. Among other complexities of following several laws and guidelines, there is a certain […]

RBI Speaks on Emerging Challenges to Financial Stability

RBI Governor Mr Shaktikanta Das, after taking over his office has given 8 speeches concerning the financial and monetary conditions of India. Recently, on 19th August 2019 at the conference, he talks about the subject “Financial Stability” affirming his concerns relating to emerging challenges to financial stability.  Before understanding the results of the speech, let […]

An Ultimate Company Takeover Checklist – for a Successful Acquisition

In the present era of continuously growing competition, existing businesses has to face different challenges that questions their very existence. With the change in time, customer preferences also keep on changing. To meet such changes; corporate require to undergo structural modification such as a Merger, Amalgamation, or Takeover. A well-formed company takeover checklist can enable […]

Step By Step Procedure for Issue of Shares by Public Limited Company

The issue of shares by Public Limited Company is governed under the provisions of Companies Act 2013. Public Company got incorporated under this act with limited liabilities of its members. A public company can offer its shares to the public in several ways that are described in detail in this blog henceforth.                   Following is […]

Non-Banking Financial Company – Micro Finance Institution

How do Non-Banking Companies operate in India? Non-Banking Financial Company known as NBFCs, is governed and regulated by the provisions of RBI, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and Companies Act. These are Companies registered under Companies Act 1956 (Now Companies Act 2013). NBFC operates in India to carry on the business of providing Loans & Advances, […]

How to Start a Prepaid Wallet License Business in India?

In recent times, online payments and cashless transactions have gained a lot of popularity owing to the ease with which they get done. Nowadays, people hardly carry any cash and prefer making online payments. Prepaid Payment Instruments, also known as PPIs, allow the customer to do the financial transactions through the value stored in such […]

Biggest Challenges Faced by International Business Environment

Perspectives on Globalization Globalization has shrunk the boundaries of operating or doing businesses across the globe. With the rapid growth in business ventures, there is a significant enhancement in global trading in goods and services that have reached 25% of the entire GDP. International business in the manufacturing sector has also enhanced since 1995. Increasing […]

How to Get Insurance Broker License in India

Insurance Broker & Its Categories An insurance broker is a professional and qualified individual, firm, or company with expertise and vast knowledge of insurance-related products, services, laws, and regulations concerning the same. An insurance broker can be a person, or it can be a firm or company that acts through its director, promoter, employee, or […]

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