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Dashmeet Kaur

Dashmeet Kaur is an experienced content writer, having proficiency in writing Legitimate content with comprehensive research. She also has a keen eye to detail and incorporating accurate facts.

How to Start Currency Exchange Business in India?

The thought of starting a currency exchange business must have crossed your mind as there are higher chances of earning substantial profits in it. Though recently there has been a rapid increase in digital currency, the paper currency still governs the world. People got a sense of reality check after the declaration of demonetization in […]

All you need to know about NBFC-P2P License in India

RBI framed a well structured regulatory platform of Peer to Peer lending operators. Abbreviated as P2P, Peer to Peer is an online service portal for lending money that matches the requirements of lenders with borrowers.  Another such financial intermediary is NBFC, which stands for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). It is a large group of entities […]

What is the Role of Co-operative Society in Rural Development?

When individuals having common economic, social, and cultural interests voluntarily come together to form an association, it turns into the establishment of a co-operative society. The central motive of co-operative societies is to serve the needs of underprivileged and rural sections of our community. Co-operative society in rural areas follows the principle of mutual help […]

What are the Differences Between Insurance Broker and Web Aggregator?

The insurance scale has rapidly grown over the years. As Entrepreneurs look upon a better and safe future of their business, they prefer investing in various insurance policies to get surety of the same. It has subsequently increased the number of insurance brokers and web aggregators in the market. In case you are also looking […]

Buyback Tax: Everything you Need to Know About It

Lately, the corporate market got filled with a sudden buzz regarding the buyback tax. It all started when the Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, proposes to levy a tax on the buyback by the listed companies. Earlier all the unlisted companies were following such act, but now even the listed companies are obliged to pay 20% […]

What is the difference between Merger, Acquisition, and Amalgamation?

If you are struggling to expand your business, then you must have come across the terminologies of merger, acquisition, and amalgamation. Often, these terms get misinterpreted as one, despite sharing huge dissimilarities. To have a clear understanding of their functions, one needs to draw an extensive comparison and highlight the difference between mergers, amalgamation, and […]

How will New RBI Rules Impact Financial Firms?

The Reserve Bank of India has recently issued new guidelines for all the financial organizations from Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) to Fin-tech firms and Housing Finance Companies (HFCs). As per the reports, the new RBI rules will play a significant part in the functionalities of these financial institutes. Let’s have a look at the different […]

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