What is the Difference between Director and Shareholder?

The foundation of a company stands upon two heads, namely director and shareholder. Both the directors and shareholders perform distinctive roles in the company. The shareholders possess an authoritative position to appoint the directors.  Since a shareholder purchases the share of a company, therefore he becomes the owner while the director manages the company’s operations. […]

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RBI Issues New Rules for Debit and Credit Cards

Considering the rising volume of card transactions, RBI has issued a new set of rules for debit and credit cards. On Wednesday, the Reserve Bank of India released new guidelines to enhance user convenience and security of card transactions. RBI acclaims that “over the years, the value and volume of transactions made through cards have […]

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Complete Checklist for FSSAI Compliance and Penalties Provisions

The food industry has rapidly flourished over recent years. Many food outlets like restaurants, cafes, eateries have occupied every street and corner of India. Though it seems to be a potential business model, one cannot overlook the FSSAI provisions that one needs to abide. Therefore, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare administers FSSAI to […]

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Due Diligence Process for Merger and Acquisition

There is no shortcut to success; everyone must have heard this quote. However, in the corporate world, there exists one such strategic tool through which a company can quickly attain tremendous growth. That tool is none other than Merger and Acquisition. An essential factor that drives the process of Merger and Acquisition is due diligence. […]

Requirements & Process to Start a Tiffin Service Business

Living in a metropolitan city, the thought of opening a tiffin service business must have crossed your mind. Since many people relocate to a new place, they do not get access to homemade food and count on junk or packaged food. However, consuming a large amount of unhealthy food might deteriorate the metabolism. Further it […]

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Checklist and Requirements for 80G Registration

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” A wise quote by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi which emphasizes charity and donations. Considering the present day scenario where rage, violence, inhumanity drives our society, it is indispensable to spread the preaching of being generous. Several Non-governmental […]

Issue and Redemption of Debentures – Problems and Solutions

Shortage of funds is inevitable while running any business regardless of its size. Moreover, a single financial institute cannot suffice the requirement of a large sum of money.  Therefore, a company relies upon multiple methods of raising funds rather than clenching onto the traditional lenders like banks.  One such efficient mode of fundraising is the […]

A Complete Checklist for Taking over an NBFC

NBFCs are prominent business entities that have proven their mettle to develop India’s economy. Catering a wide variety of financial services, Non-Banking Financial Companies has overthrown the traditional lenders or banks. The foremost step to commence an NBFC is to acquire NBFC registration, but the procedure is much complicated and often leads to disappointments. However, […]

Eligibility Criteria to Acquire a MSME Registration Certificate

India is a hub of the corporate world that engulfs several companies from small scale to multinational organizations. However, to reach the top of the competitive pedestal, one needs to start small. All the medium and startup companies have played a vital role in uplifting the economy of India. The preliminary requirement to run any […]

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The Reserve Bank of India extends NBFC Securitization

Securitization is the process wherein an entity sells its non-tradable assets in exchange for cash in the illiquid market to raise capital. Recently, the Reserve Bank of India has extended NBFC securitization for the next six months.  Such a move has acted as a great relief for the existing Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) since it […]

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