An overview of National Society Registration

Our nation has become ruthless; it requires compassion, benevolence and charitable deed for its well-being. One such Establishment that emphasizes on the advancement of Religion, Art, Literature, Science, Education, Sports and other charitable activities is a Society. It is an association of individuals who voluntarily collaborate to flourish a common objective. A Society is regulated […]

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Key Highlights of 39th GST Council Meeting

On 14th March 2020, the Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman chaired the 39th GST Council Meeting in New Delhi to make certain amendments in GST Law. As per the proposed decisions, there is an increase in the tax rate on mobile phones and specified parts from 12% to 18%. Moreover, GST on machine made and handmade […]

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Checklist of Documents Required for 12AA Registration

NGO is a Non-Governmental Organization wherein a voluntary group of people with a common interest performs a variety of humanitarian deeds. The central aim of an NGO is to seek help of the Government and resolve public issues with its association. There are various types of NGO’s, namely Section 8 Company, Trusts and Society that […]

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Can a Foreign Citizen Become a Nominee in an OPC?

Earlier, there were many speculations about a single person starting a Company. However, Ministry of Corporate Affairs put aside all those deliberations and established a new concept of One Person Company under Section 2 (62) Companies Act, 2013. It is similar to a Private Company yet requires only one member who acts as the Director […]

Procedure to obtain Patent Registration Certificate

It takes sweat, hard work and determination to create a unique masterpiece. Original work is priceless and needs to be preserved by its creator. The inventor can safeguard his work from any kind of infringement by attaining a Patent Registration Certificate. It grants legal protection of intellection property for 20 years. Therefore, a work which […]

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What role does NBFC Play in the Economic Development of India and What makes them Inevitable?

A robust banking and financial system are essential components to channelize the growth of an economy. NBFC’s are financial intermediaries that play a vital role in developing Indian economy. It offers credit facilities to remote areas and supports those individuals who are often overlooked by the banks. Non-Banking Financial Companies underpins the weaker sections of […]

How to Issue a Company Share Certificate?

After completing the incorporation process, Company gets registered under Companies Act, 2013 and issues its Shares to raise capital. During allotment of Shares, a Company grants Share Certificate to its shareholders as per the law. If you need complete knowledge about the procedure to issue a Company Share Certificate, then thoroughly study this write-up. It […]

How does Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark Ensure Purity of Jewellery?

Several jewellers in India deceive customers about the purity of Gold ornaments and levy additional charges. It compels customers to be more cautious while purchasing a piece of jewellery. High quality and authenticity have become focal points for every individual. Thus, on what basis one can distinguish pure Gold? A Government body called Bureau of […]

Insights of Credit Score and importance to maintain it

The economic growth of a nation is directly proportional to the development of its financial sector. An adequate number of lending and borrowing facilities represents a stable nation. Loans have always been a pivotal source of funding for every individual who is in a need of funds. Several financial institutes like banks and NBFC’s provide […]

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A Complete Guide to Start Insurance Web Aggregator Business Model

Life is uncertain; nobody can foresee what adversity might happen next moment. People often rely upon insurance policies to reduce the impact of such mishaps. As several Insurance Companies claim to provide a wide range of services to protect the belongings & business, it makes the selection process nerve-racking for customers. In order to streamline […]

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