Japsanjam Kaur Wadhera

Japsanjam Kaur Wadhera

Japsanjam Kaur Wadhera is an Advocate and has completed her BA.LLB (Hons) and has experience of writing various research papers during her college time. Earlier she was working as an Associate Advocate in a reputed Law Firm. She has an extreme interest in writing legal content and her core area falls under legal enactments, tax and finance.

Steps to Register Food Business Online with FSSAI

The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India is a regulatory body established and governed by the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006[1]. It empowers the FSSAI to ensure the safety of food that is delivered to the consumers. It is necessary for an entrepreneur who is engaged in the food business to get its business […]

Ways to Get an IEC Code for Small Business in India

The economic development of India has grown rapidly. The growth in the import and export of the goods and services has encouraged the small businesses and entrepreneurs to start up their venture into this area. For small businesses, it is important to obtain Importer Exporter Code to expand their business internationally. Therefore, this writes up […]

How to File Trademark Rectification If Error in Trademark?

The applicant must remove all the errors in the trademark application so as to get his mark approved and registered by the registrar. Hence this article will discuss about what is the procedure to file trademark rectification in case any error occurs in the trademark application. Trademark is any word or symbol which helps a […]

Know the difference between FSSAI and FCI

The term FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standard Authority of India which performs the function of supervising and governing the business of food in India. Whereas, the term FCI stands for Food Corporation of India. It plays a major role in ensuring the availability of the food stock adequately. Both FSSAI and FCI govern […]

How can you Apply for a Brand Name in India?

A trademark for a brand is as necessary as introducing a brand in the market. Getting a brand registered provides protection to your brand and ensures to build goodwill for your business. Registered Trademark also generates revenue. But the question that arises is, how can you apply for a brand name in India? What are […]

Concept of Deceptive Similarity: Trademark Rules in India

The term “Deceptive Similarity” means a mark which is similar or identical to an already registered mark so as to deceive or create confusion for the people. A Trademark plays a very important role in the creation of a brand name, reputation and goodwill of any business. After the registration of a trademark, it not […]

What are the Legal Requirements to Register a Small Firm in India?

In these modern times, starting up a business in India has enhanced and become better notably. Development in the Indian economy has helped the small firms to take the initiative of starting up their own business. The government has also supported the small firms by introducing many schemes and other various initiatives to help them […]

Different Ways to Avoid a Trademark Objection in India

It is true that the Trademark plays a very important role in making a certain product successful in the market. It is indeed not so easy to make a trademark and for a company providing a product has to make his mark registered to protect their brands from any infringement. But, during the process of […]

What are the Benefits of having a Trademark for your own Brand?

Trademark is a term used for any word, symbol, logo, design etc which is used by the companies to make their product different from the others. Having a Trademark simply creates a distinctive identity for a brand. And therefore there are many benefits of having a trademark for your brand. To have the benefits of […]

How to file a Trademark Objection Reply?

Companies while trading their products use different logos, symbols, designs, marks or words to easily distinguish their products from the others. This ensures that there are a distinct identity and no similarity in the packaging, brand name, quality of the product and many other features sold by one company from another. Therefore, in simple terms, […]

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