Savvy Midha

| Updated: Dec 16, 2019 | Category: Business Registrations

What is the Procedure to apply for the Shop and Establishment License?

If you are planning to commence the trade business in India, you shall get the necessary Licenses mandatory to start the business such as Trade License, Shop & Establishment License,...

Dashmeet Kaur

| Updated: Dec 07, 2019 | Category: Business Registrations

What is the Difference between Trade License and Shop and Establishment?

India is a hub of millions of Shops and Establishments. Anyone who wants to commence a particular business or open a shop must obtain a trade license or Shop and...

Savvy Midha

| Updated: Oct 23, 2019 | Category: Business Registrations, News

Biggest Challenges Faced by International Business Environment

Perspectives on Globalization Globalization has shrunk the boundaries of operating or doing businesses across the globe. With the rapid growth in business ventures, there is a significant enhancement in global...

Necessary Steps for Obtaining EPF Registration in India

EPF, an acronym stands for Employees Provident Fund states that welfare of the employees is the welfare of the company. It is absolutely true that your company will definitely grow...

Swarit Advisors

| Updated: Oct 29, 2018 | Category: Business Registrations

Procedure of Striking off Company under Companies Act, 2013

Once the name of the Company is registered then it cannot be removed from the Register unless it is dissolved by the process of law, either as a result of...

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Swarit Advisors

| Updated: Nov 27, 2017 | Category: Business Registrations

Limited Liability Partnership Compliances

Limited Liability Partnership Compliances is a form of business entity under which there is the limited liability of the members. The liability of each partner is limited to the extent of...

Swarit Advisors

| Updated: Oct 31, 2017 | Category: Business Registrations

Corporate Social Responsibility U/S 135 of Companies Act, 2013

Every organization or business owe to the society they operate which is known as Corporate Social Responsibility. What is Corporate Social Responsibility u/s 135 of companies Act 2013? Companies Act...

Swarit Advisors

| Updated: Oct 06, 2017 | Category: Business Registrations

Producer Company Compliance

The backbone of Indian Economy is agriculture. However, almost 85% of the Indian Farmers are small or marginal farmers having land holdings not more than 2 hectares. This fragmentation among...

Swarit Advisors

| Updated: Oct 06, 2017 | Category: Business Registrations

Trademark vs Copyright

Intellectual property Trademark Vs Copyright refers to the creation of minds such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names, and images used in commerce. Intellectual Property rights...

Swarit Advisors

| Updated: Oct 06, 2017 | Category: Business Registrations

Auditor appointment Procedure under Companies act 2013

Appointment of the auditor is mandatory in all type of companies & Only CA is eligible to be appointed as Statutory auditors in a company. Important highlights of appointment of...

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