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Swaritadvisors.com is technology motivated platform establishing the specialized legal & Financial advisory services in India. We are dedicated to helping startups and MNC in solving legal, Taxation and compliance related to starting and running their business around the world.

Benefits of Farmer Producer Company in India

With 62% of people dependent upon agriculture, India is no doubt an agriculture-based country. But still, farmers in India are unorganized and deprived of the latest technologies and techniques in agricultural sector production. It leads to crop failure due to which farmers have to face great losses and more than 15% of farmers every year […]

How to Register your Restaurant with Foodpanda

Foodpanda is a food delivery platform which lets people order food online. It partners with local restaurants and helps them conveniently deliver their food and benefit from them by charging commissions on the same. In this piece of article, we will discuss how restaurants and hotels can register with Foodpanda. An Overview of Foodpanda Foodpanda […]

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Guidelines under Food Adulteration Control Laws in India

The role of food Industry in India mainly includes manufacturing, packaging, processing, wholesale as well as the distribution of the complete food products. Food Industry does not compromise on the quality of products offered to the people. But, in spite of many instructions, food seller or processor are still selling adulterated food to the consumers […]

Take your Business Global with IEC Code License

Once you establish a business and initiate the process of obtaining the various license and requisite registrations, it is very much possible for an individual to get confused. A startup to which every single penny matters need to stay very diligent for its investments. IEC is something you must be wondering about when you are […]

Process of GST Registration in India

GST registration is mandatory for carrying certain businesses which are dealing in goods and services in India. If the organization carries on business without GST registration, it shall amount to an offence under the GST Act and heavy penalties shall apply. GST is the single tax system in which both the seller and buyer are […]

NGO Registration Process, NPO and its Benefits

NGO registration can be considered as the first step towards serving of the society and runs it with the social service purpose, these entities work towards the well being of the society. The NGO basically reaches those places where Government has failed to work effectively. Such organizations are known as non – profit organizations or […]

Trademark Registration in India- An Easy and Hassle-free Process

If you are running a business, selling a product or providing any kind of service to the consumers, a trademark is the sign, symbol that works as an identity for you. You need to obtain the trademark registration for your trademark under the trademark Act, 1999. A trademark can be a name, a signature, word, […]

What is a Private Limited Company Registration procedure in India

A Private Limited Company Registration is the easiest on the eye of the corporate legal companies in India or the entrepreneurs. It is regulated by the Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014. A company requires minimum of two directors and two shareholders are required. Out of two Director or Shareholder, only a natural […]

Know the complete process of One Person Company Registration?

This article will guide you through the process of one person company incorporation and Registration in India. Let us first understand what one person company is. Know the Meaning of One Person Company (OPC)? One person company registration concept was newly introduced through an act of 2013 as a company’s act. Like when you want […]

How is MSME Registration/SSI Registration the new trend in the market?

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or MSME is a backbone of the economic growth in many developed or developing countries in the world. It often called “the engine of growth” for India. MSME registration process always played a prominent role in the development of the country in terms of creating employment opportunities at the same […]

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