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Requirement for Food License in India

Food business operators in India are governed by the FSSAI act 2006. This act basically the consolidation of various acts and orders issued with regard to Food-related issues by various Departments. It regulates everything related to food, starting from procurement, manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale, and import. It ensures that only good edible food reaches the […]

How Copyright Registration is Beneficial in India?

Copyright Registration process in India could be a confusing issue, and you are probably searching online the ways on how you can do it online or with the help of experts? Which has landed you onto this article where we will give you some basic information regarding the Copyright Registration is beneficial in India. Let’s […]

How to Register an NGO Under Section 8 of Companies Act in India?

An NGO stands for the non-government organization that has an intention of doing charitable work. Any NGO can get an NGO Registration in India under any of the following acts by law:- In this article, we will discuss How to Register an NGO Under Section 8 of Companies Act in India? Trust registration under Indian […]

Get Experts Help to Follow the Accurate Procedure for FSSAI Registration in India

This article is an informative blog that will give you a straightforward idea on what FSSAI Registration is and how you can apply for it. This article contains the most basic information you might require in order to get an FSSAI Registration in India. In this article, we will discuss Get Experts Help to Follow […]

Want to Give your Company a New Name, Know How to do With Experts Help

A Private Limited Company in India is always registered under the Companies Act. It is a type of corporate entity which is generally used for small business and corporate. The shareholders of this type of entity have limited liabilities and also the number of shareholders for a private limited company is limited to two hundred. […]

Sole Proprietorship Registration Procedure in India

The Sole Proprietorship firm is a type of commercial enterprise that is owned and run by any one person and there is no involvement of different owner and business entity. In this type of business, the owner has the direct control of all the elements and he is the one who will be accountable for […]

Simplified Procedure to Rent or Buy a Property in India

In our daily lives, we come across many situations where we rent our property or take someone’s property on rent. There are various places where we need to provide address proof of our identity and place of residence. Thus you need to have a Residential Rental Agreement. There are many services which cannot be availed […]

Rules and Laws Related to Company Registration in India

This article is regarding the Private Company Regulations in India. The article will tell you what a private limited company is, what are its benefits and some very basic steps to register it along with the list of documents that you might need to check on while trying to get a private company registration. What […]

How to File Annual Return Filing of LLP?

Each of an LLP which has been a registered one with the MCA or ministry of the corporate affairs has to file a few annual filings each year as it’s a mandatory rule. Now there are three main annual return filing of LLP Registered in 2018 and they are as followed: – An annual return. […]

What is the Online Trademark Registration Procedure & How can we Apply it?

Trademark Registration can be referred as a unique expression that is related or is the representative of the type of products you are willing to sell in the market or the type of service you will be giving through your business. Your trademark can be anything, it could be a visual symbol or a word, […]

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