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How to Register your Restaurant with Foodpanda
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| Updated: Jun 15, 2019 | Category: News

How to Register your Restaurant with Foodpanda

Foodpanda is a food delivery platform which lets people order food online. It partners with local restaurants and helps them conveniently deliver their food and benefit from them by charging commissions on the same. In this piece of article, we will discuss how restaurants and hotels can register with Foodpanda.

An Overview of Foodpanda

Foodpanda is a food ordering website [1] which makes ordering food online more convenient for the customers. They release attractive offers and discounts that attract customers. They laid their foundations in 2012 by Ralf Wenzel, Benjamin Bauer and Felix Plog having its headquarters in Germany. Presently, the company runs in eleven countries.

Foodpanda also has Foodpanda Partner App [2] for existing partner restaurants. Using the app, the partner food business operator can see real-time status of all orders, manage their menu based on the stock they have at that time, and can update stocked out food items. The FBOs also can download all the received orders.

Advantages of Register with Foodpanda

Here are some of the advantages that a partner can avail by registering itself with Foodpanda:

  • Foodpanda helps restaurants and other food businesses connect with a vast number of customers by providing a platform over the internet.
  • Corporate partners of Foodpanda lure new users to partner with them.
  • They provide data analytics reports on a regular basis to the partner restaurants that helps analyze their businesses.    

What are the Documents required to register with Foodpanda

Below mentioned are the documents that are used to register with Foodpanda:

  • FSSAI Registration/License: It is mandatory for all food businesses to have an FSSAI Registration/license to run;
  • Proof of invoice containing details like chargeable fees included with tax, service fee, delivering fee, packing charges etc.;
  • Menu’s scanned copy;
  • A copy of cancelled cheques;
  • Minimum three pictures of food or production site or both.
documents for food panda registration

What is the Procedure to Register with Foodpanda

The procedures to register with Foodpanda are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of Foodpanda.
  • Click on “Partner with us” given in the upper left side of the page.
  • To register, the applicant needs to follow the three steps of registration process.
  • Bestow information like-
    •  Owner name and contact details;
    • Business name and address;
    • State and city of operation;
    • Three pictures of operating place or food;
    • Internet access to accept orders.
  • Provide business operation related documents such as-
    • Cuisine available;
    • Menu’s scanned copy;
    • Running  hours and days;
    • Least order amount;
    • Operation, distance & time;
    • Name, email, and contact information of delivering staff;
    • Owner’s name, email, and contact information.
  • In the last step, the applicant needs to provide information as follows:
    • Scanned copy and number of PAN/TAN;
    • GST & GSTIN;
    • Delivery fees;
    • Container charge;
    • Service charge;
    • Proof of invoice;
    • Bank account information.

What is the Commission that Foodpanda charges

The current commission charges of Foodpanda are 10% of the total order value. Besides, a commission of 20%, in the case of home delivery, is charged along with a charge of 2% of the payment gateways.

All about Foodpanda Agreement

After the completion of online registration process, the applicant needs to sign an agreement with Foodpanda and pay a fixed amount of money to partner with them.

The food business operator and Foodpanda sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), an agreement which states that Foodpanda website can only cover food ordering and delivering. Furthermore, if any harm is caused to the customer after consuming the food, the restaurant will be responsible for the same, not Foodpanda.


Food businesses running offline now can grow their businesses by connecting with a large number of consumers online. Foodpanda provides these businesses with an online platform that can help them with food delivery. It is one of the food ordering websites which helps food businesses in their operation and growth.   In case, you have any query regarding registrations with Foodpanda or need FSSAI license, please leave a comment. Our experts will get back to you soon. Also, you can contact us directly by filling the enquiry form on our website.

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