Savvy Midha

Savvy Midha

Savvy Midha holds the degrees of B.Com(honors), LL.B and Company Secretary. She is an experienced Legal and Financial writer with expertise in research, drafting, and copy-writing.

Biggest Challenges Faced by International Business Environment

Perspectives on Globalization Globalization has shrunk the boundaries of operating or doing businesses across the globe. With the rapid growth in business ventures, there is a significant enhancement in global trading in goods and services that have reached 25% of the entire GDP. International business in the manufacturing sector has also enhanced since 1995. Increasing […]

How to Get Insurance Broker License in India

Insurance Broker & Its Categories An insurance broker is a professional and qualified individual, firm, or company with expertise and vast knowledge of insurance-related products, services, laws, and regulations concerning the same. An insurance broker can be a person, or it can be a firm or company that acts through its director, promoter, employee, or […]

Why Should SEBI Take a View on Rights Issue – Examine Promoter Concept?

Highlights of the Topic:  Rights Issue As per Companies Act 2013, the rights issue means further issue shares to the existing shareholders of the company in proportion to their holding. The rights issue is governed under the Companies Act 2013 and SEBI (LODR) regulations 2014. The rights are offered to existing shareholders in proportionate ratio […]

7 Steps to Takeover a Company In India

In an era where corporate growth is at peak with increasing competitive & financially constrained environment, corporates are identifying various growth strategies to pursue new opportunities for diversification to enhance their market position & financial performance. Corporate houses follow various growth strategies to expand and diversify such as entering into new markets to provide their […]

What are the Aspects of Legal Due Diligence of NBFC

Non-Banking Financial Company Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is an essential segment in the financial sector.They are registered under the Companies Act and regulated under the RBI Act. NBFC is used as an alternative for the source of funds for deploying funds to MSMEs, infrastructural projects, etc. other than banks and financial institutions. The RBI Act […]

How a Company Issue Debentures to Public?

Guide to Debentures Finance is the blood of corporate irrespective of its size, nature, or capital. The company has to procure a large sum of money, which cannot be entirely met by a single tender, and thus the company splits the loan into several units. One of the methods to raise the fund is borrowing […]

Step by Step Guide to Mergers and Acquisition in E-commerce

ECommerce is a platform for doing business with reasonable regulations and several potential avenues. It provides an opportunity for generating a profit and finding a niche market. E-Commerce has given companies an extra room for experimenting, diversification, and growth.  With globalization and cut-throat competition, the market conditions for the survival of businesses are hard. One […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Issue – A Complete Guide

Companies rely on various sources of funds to meet their financial needs for day to day expenses or to meet its working capital requirements. The fund required can be for the long-term or short-term needs of the company. A company obtains funds from various sources such as debenture issue, issue of shares, loans, and financial […]

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