Shivani Jain

Shivani Jain

Shivani has completed her B com LLB (Hons) and has the experience of writing various research papers during her college time. Earlier she was working as an Associate in a Delhi based Law Firm, but her interest in writing made her pursue Legal Content Writing as a career. Her core area of interest is in writing about various legal enactments, tax, and finance.

What are the Advantages of Copyright Registration?

Creativity is a treasure that needs both protection and security. Often small-business Entrepreneurs use innovative and creative plans to gain a competitive edge over large scale companies and ventures. To safeguard new work in the creative industry like art, literature, computer software, or music, the Government has sanctioned legal protection, namely copyright. There are various […]

Trademark Class for Service – Trademark Class 35 to 45

The term “Trademark Class for Service” is a further extension to Trademark Classification or Classes. It denotes the services for which one can obtain Trademark Registration in India. These services are covered from Trademark Class 35 to 45. In this blog, we will thoroughly discuss the services covered under the Trademark Classification for Services. Concept […]

What are NBFC Annual Compliance Checklist

NBFC is one of the most common forms of financial institutions in India which contributes an outstanding percentage of GDP rise to the country’s economy. As important as it is to obtain NBFC license for commencing a Non-Banking Financial Company, it is equally important to follow-up with the NBFC annual compliance checklist. However, in case, you don’t […]

How to Apply for Online Trademark Registration in India

The term “Online Trademark Registration” denotes the process for obtaining registration under the Trademarks Act 1999. In contrast, the term “Trademark” acts as a protection against the risk of Imitation and Replication. This protection is regarding the Brand, Logo, Symbol, and Name. In total, there are 45 Trademark Classes, among which the applicant needs to […]

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