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Khushboo Priya

Khushboo Priya is an experienced Legal content writer with a prodigious proof-reading and research & development skill.

Impact of NBFC Crisis on Indian Economy & its Aftermaths

In the last few months, the NBFC Crisis on Indian Economy has gathered much limelight. Especially, small NBFCs are struggling hard with asset-liability disparity amidst several corporate governance issues. Although the present liquidity crisis in the NBFC sector may not constitute any systematic risk, investors are seemed to be more worried. According to some market […]

How to Apply for Trade License in Uttar Pradesh?

If you are starting a specific business or any trade activity in a certain municipal area, then you require a Trade License first. For example, if you are going to commence your business in Uttar Pradesh, then you require obtaining Trade License in Uttar Pradesh. It is so as to ensure that the citizens of […]

How to become a Payment Gateway Service Provider in India?

Nowadays, the world has become quite a technology savvy. Whether we want to eat something or have to purchase any cloth, gadgets, etc. everything is now done at just one click. But do you know how you are able to shop online so easily? Well, this is what we call Payment Gateway Service. In this […]

The Procedure of Initial Public Offering in India

Generally, an unlisted company chooses to go for Initial Public Offering (IPO) when the need for raising a massive amount of capital arises. Usually, the process of IPO lets companies sell their securities, and in turn, they get to raise funds. Before an IPO, the company is private with limited accredited investors and a few […]

Procedure for Buyback of Shares and Other Specified Securities

Section 68 of the Companies Act, 2013 signifies that any company limited by shares or guarantees with share capital can opt for Buyback of Shares and other specified securities. Whether it’s a listed or unlisted company, both can go for buy-back of shares. Earlier, the concept of buyback was buried under the Companies Act, 1956 […]

All you should know about Private Equity Firms: Stages, Valuation, Exit Options

Private Equity is playing a crucial role in boosting the Indian Economy. According to the Indian Private Equity Report 2019 published by Bain & Company, the private equity investment momentum remained robust in 2018. Hence, Private Equity Firms are performing excellently. The total investment from VC (Venture Capital) and PE (Private Equity) summed a total […]

How to Register a Mutual Fund with SEBI

To register a mutual fund in India, you require approval from SEBI. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is a body that controls and regulates the securities market. Hence, if you are thinking of how to start your own mutual fund in India, you should approach SEBI and seek its permission first. As […]

Top 10 Benefits of Listing on Stock Exchange

We have heard a lot about companies listing on the stock exchange. But a very few of us are aware of the benefits of stock exchange listing. Listed companies get more exposure as compared to unlisted. Moreover, the shares of a listed company are freely tradable, and investors have the choice to sell and purchase […]

Compliances for FFMC License in India

According to Section 10 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, any business that seeks to engage itself in the money changers activity must acquire FFMC License in India. Along with the license, there arises a few obligations that every FFMC must follow. In case, any FFMC fails to follow the compliances, it will be […]

Procedure for Holding Inquiry and Imposing Penalties by SEBI

If at any point, SEBI, which is also known as the Securities and Exchange Board of India, doubts any of the listed company has committed contraventions or discrepancy or default, the board can opt for holding inquiry and imposing penalties on the respective company. The SEBI will appoint an adjudicating officer to carry out the […]

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