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MSME which is short for the micro, small, medium enterprises that are categorized on the sheer basis of the amount that’s been invested in Plant and Machinery & equipment. In this article, we will discuss Expert Consultation for MSME Registration in India.

What is the MSME registration Process?

Aadhaar card number is now mandatory for online MSME Registration application under the MSME act of MSMED. The application is to be filed online from Aadhaar Udyog Registration. The log-in can be verified via an OTP one-Aadhaar.

A provisional MSME Registration is given initially for a time period of 5 years, this is in case the respective entity hasn’t yet started the business. During this period, they may take advantage of the benefits MSMED act provides, like obtaining loans from the banks. Then apply for the various NOCs from various regulatory bodies. Once this entity has starting commencing its functional operations they may go for a permanent MSME Registration certificate application. The permanent one has a lifetime of validity unless it is canceled due to some reason or faults.

What Are The Documents Required For MSME Registration?

Submission of the business address proof and a copy of property purchase along with the bills and different licenses from various regulatory bodies

Business Address Proof – In case the regional premises are owned by the individual, you’d need to submit the allotment letter, letter of possession, the lease deed agreement, and property tax receipt. In case of having a municipal license in the MSME business name or even if in the name of the proprietor, partner or the company director of the respective business and that’s it. No other possession document will be required apart from this.

If the premise is rented– Receipt of the paid rent and a no objection certificate from the landlord will be needed. Apart from the rent receipt, other utility bills copies that give evidence of the landlord’s ownership of the property is required to be submitted.

Copies of Sale Bill and Purchase Bill – Owner needs to give a copy of the sales bill of each product it supplies. It’s same also for each raw material it will purchase and that purchase bill needs to be submitted.

Partnership Deed/ MoA and AoA – If the MSME business is in a partnership firm, it needs to submit a partnership deed and the firm is registered, submit the partnership registration certificate copy also. In case, it is already being formed then you must submit a copy of MOA and AOA, certificate of the incorporation of your registered company along with the board resolution that is passed in the company’s general meetings.

Copy of Licenses and Bills of Machinery Purchased – The applicant for MSME Registration in few cases will need to submit a copy of the license of his industry which is to be obtained by giving one application to the government of India. And all the other bills and receipts that are related to the purchase and also installation of the machinery in the plant.

If there is still an issue that is troubling you while preparing your documents, then you may anytime let us know so that we can guide you with the perfect and precise solution. You can anytime reach us either by emailing us or through the phone number mentioned on our website. We are the leading online legal service provider of Swarit Advisors.


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