Know The Importance of Trademark Registration

Importance of Trademark Registration
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| Updated: Jun 20, 2018 | Category: Trademark

Getting a trademark registration is important for securing intellectual property. In this case a trademark. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of trademark registration from different angles along with the process of the registry. In this article we described about Know The Importance of Trademark Registration.

About Trademark Registration From the point of view of the Owner

The trademark registration is to secure your brand name and symbol and intellectual property representative of your business. It creates an identity of your business. Trademark registration protects your business reputation by barring and criminalizing the use or copy of it by others without your permission. This improves the quality of all operations and business models in all the sectors within the government and private institutions. It also creates attraction and confidence in customers.

The Legalities and the Law involved with Trademark Registration

The government of India[1] has replaced, updated and revised the old rules regarding the trademark from 2002 with the trademark registration rules in 2017. The draft rules are already circulating among the government bodies in order to invite possible objects from the public opening in the month of November in 2015.

Following are Mentioned some of the rules:-

  • To promote the digitization the procedure is through e-filing for applying for trademark registration.
  • The number of the forms required has been drastically reduced from 75 forms to just 8.
  • The fee for registration is now categorized for individual start-ups and other small enterprises etc.
  • They have now fastened the procedure of examination of the application for trademark registration.
  • Technology will be used for the easier process by the authorities for hearing in case of any changes required via video conferencing or any other audio-visual ways.
  • An e-mail has been prescribed as a basic means for communication throughout the process of trademark registration.
  • The time period of the process of registration has been reduced due to using maximum two adjournments for the hearing process.
  • The applicant may as well apply for his trademark as a “very well known” trademark along with the evidence and supportive documents with the registry.
  • The renewal of trademark registration application can be filed prior to 1 year to the supposed expiry date of the trademark registration instead of just 6 months before which was a rule previously.
  • The individual start-ups and small enterprises have a fee of Rs 5000/- if applied physically. If you choose to go for e-filing it’s Rs 4500/-
  • Other than the mentioned categories, physical fees would be Rs 10,000/- while e-filing will be Rs 9000/-

Once you’ve received the receipt of your trademark registration application by the registry officials the examination report will be issued. This reports will mention the acceptance or objection of your trademark registration application.

Within the time period of one month of communication of the report, you must report back in case of objection. If you don’t respond to your application will be cancelled. However, if you respond, there will hearing and once everything is corrected and put in place, the application will be accepted eventually granting you a trademark registration certificate with a seal of the registry.

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