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Items Termed as Rubber and Mica under Trademark Class 17

Trademark Class 17
Shivani Jain
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The term “Trademark Class 17” signifies a classification that deals mainly with Rubber, Gum, Gutta-Percha, Asbestos, Mica, Stopping and Insulating Material, Unprocessed and Semi-processed Rubber, flexible pipes, and hoses, etc.

Further, this class includes resins and plastics in extruded form for being used in the process of Manufacturing.

In this blog, we will discuss the concept of Trademark Class 17 and the List of Items included and excluded under this Trademark Class.

Meaning of Trademark Classification

The term “Trademark Classification” or “Trademark Class” denotes a specific class under which an applicant or individual can file his/ her application for Trademark Registration. It will also be relevant to state that based on NICE Classifications, there are in total 45 classes covered under Trademark Classifications.

Items Covered under Trademark Class 17

The Items covered under the Trademark Class 17 are as follows:

  1. Rubber Material for Recapping Tyre;
  2. Plastic Films, other than used for Wrapping and Packaging purposes. For example, anti-dazzle films used for windows;
  3. Floating Anti-Pollution Barriers;
  4. Elastic Threads;
  5. Threads made of Rubber or Plastic, and are not made for Textile use;
  6. Certain goods or products made of the Material classified in this class, and not otherwise classified by purpose or function;
  7. Adhesive Tapes, other than Stationery Tapes, and not used for medical or household purposes;

Items Not Covered under Trademark Class 17

The Items not covered under the Trademark Class 17 are as follows:

  1. Certain Goods or Items made of the Material discussed in this class and are classified in accordance to their purpose or function under the Trademark Class 2;
  2. Rubber used for Dental purposes under the Trademark Class 5;
  3. Rigid Pipes of Metal under the Trademark Class 6;
  4. Fire Hose under the Trademark Class 9;
  5. Asbestos Screen used by Firemen under the Trademark Class 9;
  6. Pipes being part of some Sanitary Installations under the Trademark Class 11;
  7. Patches of Adhesive Rubber used for Repairing Inner Tubes under the Trademark Class 12;
  8. Rubber Erasers under the Trademark Class 16;
  9. Not of Metal under Trademark Class 19;
  10. Insulating Glass for Building under the Trademark 19;

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 17

Coordinated Classes TM17

The situation in which a specific good or service falls under the ambit of 2 or more Trademark Classes, then the concerned applicant needs to file an application in each of the class under which such good or service falls. Further, all such classes under which the applicant will file the application is known as Coordinated Classes.

Moreover, the Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 17 are as follows:

  1. Paint and Varnishes under the Trademark Class 2;
  2. Common Metals under the Trademark Class 6;
  3. Chemical Products under the Trademark Class 1;
  4. Building Materials under Trademark Class 19;
  5. Advertising and Business Services under the Trademark Class 35;
  6. Construction and Repair Services under the Trademark Class 37;
  7. Services and Treatment Materials under the Trademark Class 40;
  8. Science and Technology Services under the Trademark Class 42;

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Detailed List of Goods Covered under the Trademark Class 17

  1. Absorbent Booms;
  2. Absorbent Products;
  3. Acetate (Cellulose -) in a semi-processed form;
  4. Acoustic and Thermal Insulation;
  5. Acoustic Baffles used for Soundproofing purposes;
  6. Acoustic Board for Ceilings;
  7. Acoustic Insulating Boards;
  8. Acoustic Insulating Materials;
  9. Acrylic and Polycarbonate Sheets;
  10. Acrylic based Sealants and Adhesives;
  11. Acrylic Rubber;
  12. Automobile Power Steering Mechanism Leak Sealants;
  13. Bags of Rubber for Packaging;
  14. Bamboo Fibres for Insulation;
  15. Barriers for Protection against Sound;
  16. Biodegradable Plastic Film used for Agricultural purpose;
  17. Boards for Insulating purposes;
  18. Brake Lining Materials that are partly processed;
  19. Building Insulation Materials;
  20. Camelback Rubber Sheets used for Rebuilding Tyres;
  21. Canvas Hose Pipes;
  22. Carbon Fibres not made for Textile use;
  23. Carpet Seam Tape;
  24. Draught Excluders made of Rubber;
  25. Duct Tape;
  26. Ebonite Molds;
  27. Elastic Threads, not made for Textile use;
  28. Elastomer Polymers;
  29. Electrical Insulants;
  30. Engine Mounts of Rubber used for Watercraft;
  31. Extruded Construction Forms used for Insulation;
  32. Fabrics for Insulation;
  33. Fiberglass Fabrics used for Building Insulation;
  34. General purpose Sealants;
  35. Glass Fibers for Insulation;
  36. Gutta-percha;
  37. High Pressure Hoses used for Textile;
  38. Insulating Materials used for Building;
  39. Liquid Rubber;
  40. Mineral Wool;
  41. Rubber Solutions;
  42. Sealant Compounds for Joints;
  43. Soundproofing Materials;
  44. Threads of Rubber, not used for Textiles;
  45. Valves of India-Rubber or Vulcanized Fiber;
  46. Washers of Rubber;
  47. Watering Hose;
  48. Weather Stripping Compositions;


In a nutshell, every applicant or individual who wants to obtain Trademark Registration in India needs to file his/ her application under correct Trademark Class.

Further, it shall be taken into consideration that a minute mistake or error in the application can result in the cancellation of registration. Therefore, it is necessary to contact experts.

At Swarit Advisors, our experts will not only guide you about the Classes of Trademark but will assist you in the process of Trademark Registration as well.

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