Items Termed as Leather Goods under Trademark Class 18

Trademark Class 18
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Oct 25, 2020 | Category: Trademark

The term “Trademark Class 18” denotes a class of Trademark classes that mainly deals with the Leather and Substitute Goods. However, it shall be significant to state that the items relating to clothing, footwear, headgear, etc. are not included in the class.

In this blog, we will discuss the concept of Trademark Class 18 and the List of Items covered under this Trademark Class.

Items Covered under Trademark Class 18

TM Class 18 Items Covered

The Items covered under the Trademark Class 18 are as follows:

  1. Animal Apparels;
  2. Whips, Saddlery, Harness, etc.;
  3. Animal Skins, Pelts, and Hides;
  4. Walking Sticks;
  5. Umbrellas and Parasols;
  6. Bags, Wallets, Luggage, etc.;
  7. Sausage Skins and Imitations of these;
  8. Luggage tags;
  9. Saddlery, Harness, Whips, and Animal Apparel;
  10. Luggage and carrying bags;
  11. Leather and Imitation Goods;
  12. Boxes and Suitcases of Leather or Leather board;
  13. Business Card cases;
  14. Pocket Wallets;

Items Not Covered under Trademark Class 18

The Items not covered under the Trademark Class 18 are as follows:

  1. Certain Goods made from Leather, Animal Skin, Imitation of Leather, and Hides that are included as per their functions and purpose under the Trademark Class 8;
  2. Bags and Cases made for the products they are intended to contain under the Trademark Class 9;
  3. Bags and Cases made for keeping Cameras and Photographic Equipment under the Trademark Class 9;
  4. Cases for Musical Instruments under the Trademark Class 15;
  5. Polishing Leather under the Trademark Class 21;
  6. Chomis Leather for Cleaning purpose under the Trademark Class 21;
  7. Leather Belts for Clothing under the Trademark Class 25;
  8. Golf bags that are either made with or without wheels under the Trademark Class 28;
  9. Bags particularly designed for the purpose of Skies and Surfboards under Trademark Class 28;

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 18

Coordinated classes TM18

Whenever a specific good or service falls in more than 1 Trademark Class, then the concerned applicant requires to apply in each of the class under which such a good or service falls.

Also, the other classes or classifications under which the applicant will apply are known as Coordinated Classes.

Moreover, the Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 18 are as follows:

  1. Medical and Vet Services under the Trademark Class 44;
  2. Science and Technology under the Trademark Class 42;
  3. Advertising and Business Services under the Trademark Class 35;
  4. Clothing under Trademark Class 25;
  5. Precious Metals and Gems under the Trademark Class 14;

Detailed List of Goods Covered under the Trademark Class 18

Animal skins/pelts. Leather Girths Backpacks/ Rucksacks
Attaché CasesGoldbeater Skin Saddle Trees
Climbers Bags Gut for producing Sausages Saddlery
Camper Bag Head-stalls/ Halters School Satchels/ School Bags
Leather Bags in the form of envelopes and pouches.   Handbag Frames Shopping Bags
Sports Bag Handbags Shoulder Belts made of leather
Normal Bags Harness Straps/ Harness Traces Sling bags for carrying babies and Infants
Beach Bags Harness used for Animals Slings for Carrying Babies and Infants
Bits and Harness for Animals Harness Fittings Stirrup Leathers
Blinkers (harness) / blinders (harness) Hat boxes made of Leather Parts of rubber used for stirrups
Boxes and cases made of leather or leather board Haversacks Stirrups
Boxes made of vulcanized fiber Horse collars Straps used for soldiers equipment
Bridles (harness) Horse blankets Straps of leather (saddlery)
Bridoons Horseshoes Straps used for skates
Briefcases Imitation leather Suitcase handles
Cases for Business Card Key cases Suitcases
Butts (parts of hides) Kid bags Tool bags made of leather
Canes / Walking Sticks Knee-pads made for horses. Traces (harness)
Card cases and Note Cases Leather leashes/leather leads Traveling trunks
Cases made of leather or leather board Leather laces Traveling bags
Casings of leather, used for plate springs Leather straps/leather thongs Traveling sets such as leatherware
Cat o’ nine tails Leather whether unworked or semi-worked Trimmings of leather used for furniture/and leather trimmings for furniture
Cattle skins Leather twist /leather thread Trunks such as luggage
Chain mesh purses Leather board Umbrella Rings
Chamois leather, other than used for cleaning purposes/skins of chamois, other than used for cleaning purposes Moleskin (Imitation of Leather) Umbrella and Paraso Ribs
Chin straps made of leather Mountaineering sticks  and alpenstocks Umbrella sticks
Collars made for animals Music cases Umbrella covers
Covers made for animals and clothing used for pets Muzzles Umbrella handles
Covers made for horse-saddles/ saddlecloths used for horses Net bags used for shopping Umbrellas
Credit card cases and wallets Nose bags and feed bags Valises
Curried skins Pads used for horse saddles Valves made of leather
Fastenings for saddles Parasols Vanity cases which are not fitted
Fames used for umbrellas or parasols Pocket wallets Walking stick seats
Fur/fur-skins Pouch baby carriers Walking stick handles /walking cane handles
Furniture coverings made of leather Purses Wheeled shopping bags
Game bags and hunting accessories Reins Whips
Garment bags made for travel Riding saddles


In a nutshell, every individual who wants to acquire Trademark Registration in India for his/ her goods and services needs to apply under the correct Trademark Class.

Further, it shall be taken into due notice that a minute error or mistake in the application might require the applicant to apply again. That means, it is necessary to contact experts for undergoing a hassle-free process.

At Swarit Advisors, our professionals will not only assist you about the Classes of Trademark but will help you with the process of Trademark Registration and Trademark Renewal as well.

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