Tele-communication Services under Trademark Class 38

Trademark Class 38
Shivani Jain
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“Trademark Class 38” signifies a class of trademark classifications that principally deals with the services known as Telecommunication Services.

However, the services that relate to Radio Advertising and Telephone Marketing are not covered under the realm of Trademark Class 38. 

In this blog, we will discuss the notion of Trademark Class 38, together with the List of Services known as Telecommunication Services under this Trademark Class 38.

Services Covered under Trademark Class 38

The services covered under Trademark Class 38 are as follows:

  1. Services that essentially consist of the diffusion of television or radio programmes.

Services Not Covered under Trademark Class 38

Trademark Class 38 items excluded

The services that not covered under the Trademark Class 38are as follows:

  1. Radio Advertising Services.
  2. Telephone Marketing Services.

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 38

Trademark Class 38 Coordinated Classes

Whenever a service or good falls under the domain of two or more classes of trademark classifications, then each such class or classification is known as the Coordinated or Related Class. Also, it shall be considerate to state that the concerned applicant needs to furnish an application for Online Trademark Registration in each of such class.

Further, the CoordinatedClasses for Trademark Class 38 are as follows:

  1. Legal and security services under the Trademark Class 45;
  2. Medical and Veterinary Services under the Trademark Class 44;
  3. Food related Services under the Trademark Class 43;
  4. Science and Technology Services under the Trademark Class 42;
  5. Education and Entertainment Services under the Trademark Class 41;
  6. Material Treatment Services under the Trademark Class 40;
  7. Shipping and Travel Services under the Trademark Class 39;
  8. Construction and Repair services under the Trademark Class 37;
  9. Insurance and Finance services under the Trademark Class 36;
  10. Advertising and Business Services under the Trademark Class 35;

Complete List of Services Covered under the Trademark Class 38

Rental of the Access time to Global Computer Networks; Providing Internet Chatrooms services; Tele-communications routing and junction Services;
Providing access to databases services; Message sending services; Tele-conferencing services;
Cable television broadcasting services; Rental of message sending apparatus services; Telegraph services;
Communications by telegrams services; Rental of modems services; Telephone services;
Communications by telephone services; News agencies/wire service services; Rental of telephones services;
Communications by cellular phones services; Providing online forums services; Television broadcasting services;
Communications by computer terminals services; Paging services, such as radio, telephone, or other modes of electronic communication; Telex services;
Communications by fiber optic networks services; Radio broadcasting services; Transmission of telegrams services;
Services related to computer aided transmission of messages and images’ Radio communications services; Transmission of greeting cards online services;
Electronic mail services; Satellite transmission services; Transmission of digital files services;
Electronic bulletin board services such as telecommunications services; Streaming of data services; Providing user access to the global computer networks services;
Facsimile transmission services; Rental of telecommunication equipment services; Videoconferencing services;
Rental of facsimile apparatus services; Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services; Voice mail services;
Information and details about telecommunication services; Providing telecommunications connections to whole global computer network services; Wireless broadcasting services;


In a nutshell, it is significant to state that selecting a right trademark class plays a crucial role is obtaining trademark registration hassle free. However, the same is an intricate, back-breaking, and complex job as well.

Also, the process of Trademark Public Search or TM search needs a lot of prior knowledge and experience concerning the different classes of Trademark Classifications.

At Swarit Advisors, our professionals will guide you with both the process of TM Public Search and Trademark Registration.

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