Trademark Class 20 Covers Furniture Items and Plastic Goods

Trademark Class 20
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The term “Trademark Class 20” denotes a particular class of Trademark classes that deals with the goods and items termed as Furniture and Plastic Goods. However, the goods and items, such as Special Furniture for Laboratories and Medical Use, Bedding Linen, and Elderdowns are excluded from this class. 

Further, the term “Furniture and Plastic Goods” includes Bedding, Furniture for Camping, Metal Furniture, Toilet Mirrors, Looking Glasses and Furnishings, Registration Number Plates, Letter Boxes made of Masonry, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss the concept of Trademark Class 20 and the List of Items termed as Furniture and Plastic Goods under this Trademark Class.

Items Covered under Trademark Class 20

The Items covered under the Trademark Class 20 are as follows:

TM Class 20 Items
  1. Bedding
  2. Furniture for Camping
  3. Metal Furniture
  4. Toilet Mirrors
  5. Looking Glasses and Furnishings
  6. Registration Number Plates
  7. Letter Boxes made of Masonry

Items Not Covered under Trademark Class 20

The Items not covered under the Trademark Class 20 are as follows:

  1. Special Furniture for Laboratories under the Trademark Class 9
  2. Special Furniture for Medical Use under the Trademark Class 10
  3. Bedding Linen under the Trademark Class 24
  4. Elderdowns under the Trademark Class 24
  5. Sleeping Bags under the Trademark Class 24
  6. Mirrors used in Optical Goods under the Trademark Class 9
  7. Mirror used in Surgery and Dentistry under the Trademark Class 10
  8. Review Mirrors under the Trademark Class 12
  9. Sighting Mirrors for Guns under the Trademark Class 13
  10. Beads for Making Jewellery under the Trademark Class 14
  11. Wooden Floorboards under the Trademark Class 19
  12. Baskets for Domestic Use under the Trademark Class 21
  13. Plastic Cups under the Trademark Class 21
  14. Reed Mats under the Trademark Class 27

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 20

TM Class 20 Coordinated Classes

Whenever a particular service or good falls in more than 1 class for Trademark Classification, then the applicant requires to apply in each of the trademark classifications under which such service or good falls. Moreover, it shall be taken into consideration that these other classifications/ classes/ groups are known as Coordinated Classes or Related Classes.

Besides this, it shall be taken into consideration that the concept of Related Classes was given by the USPTO. The term USPTO stands for the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Moreover, as per USPTO, an individual who wants to acquire Trademark Registration in India under Class 20 of the Trademark Classes, needs to furnish or submit an application in all the other coordinated or related classes as well.

Further, the Related Classes for Trademark Class20 are as follows:

  1. Common Metals under the Trademark Class 6
  2. Household Utensils under the Trademark Class 21
  3. Games and Sporting Goods under the Trademark Class 28
  4. Advertising and Business Services under the Trademark Class 35
  5. Science and Technology Services under the Trademark Class 42

Detailed List of Goods Covered under the Trademark Class 20

Air pillows, not used for Medical PurposesCasks, not made of metalHydrostatic [water] beds, not used for medical purposesSofas
Air Cushions, not used for Medical PurposesChests of drawersHydrostatic beds, not used for medical purposes Stag antlers
Air Mattresses, not made for Medical PurposesDrafting TablesIdentification bracelets, not made of metalStair rods
Ambroid BarsDrain Traps [valves] made of PlasticIndex cabinets [furniture]Stakes for plants or trees
Ambroid PlatesDressing TablesIndoor window blinds Standing desks
Animal ClawsEasy ChairsInfant walkersStands for calculating machines
Animal hornsEdgings made of Plastic for FurnitureInflatable publicity objectsStatues made of wood, wax, plaster or plastic
Animal hoovesEmbroidery FramesInflatable furnitureStaves of wood
ArmchairsFans made for personal use, non-electricIvory, unworked or semi-workedStraw plaits
Baby changing matsFigurines made [statuettes] of wood, waxPlate RacksStuffed birds
Bakers’ bread basketsFiling cabinetsPlaypens for BabiesTables of metal
Bamboo Floating containers, not made of metalFishing basketsPlugs, not made of metal/bungs, not made of metalTaps for casks, not of metal
Bamboo curtains Flower-pot pedestalsFlagpolesPlugs [dowels], not made of metal/wall plugs, not made of metalTea trolleys/tea carts
Barrels, not made of metalFloating containers, not made of metalPoles, not made of metalTool handles, not of metal

Baskets, not made of metalFlower-pot pedestalsPulleys made of Plastics for BlindsTortoiseshell

Bathtub grab bars, not of metalFlower-stands [furniture]Racks (furniture)Tortoiseshell imitation
Bead curtains for decorationFodder racksRattanTowel stands [furniture]
Bed fittings, not made of metalFootstools / stoolsReeds made of plaiting materialsTrolleys for computers [furniture] / carts for computers [furniture]
Bed casters, not made of metalFreestanding partitions (furniture)Reels made of wood for yarn, silk, cordUmbrella stands
Bed basesFunerary urnsReels, not made of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hosesVats, not of metal
Bedding, except linenFurnitureReservoirs, not made of metal nor of masonry/tanks, not made of metal nor of masonryVice benches, not of metal
Beds for household petsFurniture fittings, not made of metalRings, not made of metal, for keysWater-pipe valves of plastic
Beds Furniture of metalRivets, not made of metalWhalebone, unworked or semi-worked
Bedsteads made of woodFurniture partitions of wood/partitions of wood for furnitureRaw horsesWickerwork
Beehives Furniture casters, not made of metalSaw benches [furniture]Wind chimes [decoration]
Benches [furniture]Furniture shelvesSchool furnitureWindow fittings, not of metal
WorkbenchesGarment covers [storage]Scratching posts for catsWood ribbon
Binding screws, not made of metalGun racksScreens for fireplaces [furniture]Works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic
Bins, not made of metal Hairdressers’ chairsScreens [furniture]Woven timber blinds [furniture]
BolstersHampers [baskets]Screw tops, not made of metal, for bottlesWriting desks
Bolts, not made of metalHand-held mirrors [toilet mirrors]Screw tops, not made of metal, for bottlesYellow amber
Book rests (furniture)Handling pallets, not made of metalScrews, not of metal
Bottle rackHat standsScythe handles, not made of metal
Bottle caps, not made of metalHead-rests (furniture)Seats/chairs [seats]
Bottle closures, not made of metal High chairs made for babiesSeats made of metal
Bottle casings made of woodHinges, not made of metalSections of wood made for beehives
Broom handles, not made of metalHoneycombsSettees
Brush mountingsHorn, unworked or semi-workedShells
Busts of wood, wax, plaster, or plasticHospital bedsShelves for filing-cabinets [furniture]
Cabinet workHouse numbers, not of metal, non-luminousShelves for storage
Cases of wood or plasticSlatted indoor blindsShoulder poles [yokes]
Cask stands, not made of metalSilvered glass (mirrors)Showcases (furniture)
Cask hoops, not made of metal Signboards of wood or plasticsSleeping bags used for camping
Casks of wood used for decanting wineSideboardsSleeping pads/sleeping mats


In a nutshell, searching out an accurate class for your goods or service can be a back-breaking and intricate task. Moreover, the same requires a lot of prior research and experience regarding the different types of applications and classifications.

Further, the Trademark Class 20 usually covers all the furniture items and plastic goods, and includes several other related and associated products as well.

At SwaritAdvsiors, our experts will not only assist you with the correct Trademark Class but will offer you services related to the procedure for Trademark Registration and Trademark Renewal.

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