Gonica Verma

Gonica Verma

Gonica Verma- MBA( Marketing & Sales) with NTA NET qualified in Management, Content writer with working knowledge of online content strategy, Proof reading with good descriptive research skills.

Necessary Steps for Obtaining EPF Registration in India

EPF, an acronym stands for Employees Provident Fund states that welfare of the employees is the welfare of the company. It is absolutely true that your company will definitely grow if your employees are happy. For the welfare of the employees, government introduces various schemes and EPF in India is one of them. It provides […]

Procedure for obtaining Fire NOC in India

In India, several fire accidents took the lives of people. Like, The cracker factory accident in Telangana took the lives of 10 workers, The Viraat Hotel, Lucknow, gas leakage accident, Bawana Accident and several other terrifying accidents happened last year in our country. To prevent these kinds of fire contingencies, the government ensures that the […]

How to obtain Eating House License in India?

The food business is definitely preferable by every foodie entrepreneur. They always want to show their love and passion for food through their delicious food and creative presentation. Thus, they prefer to open eating houses like restaurants, cafes, stalls, etc. To open an eating house, they should acquire an eating house license for their business. […]

Minimum Paid-Up Capital for Private Limited Company

In this era of Private Limited Companies, every existing business entity or start-up wants to register as a Private Limited Company. The reason for the same is the basic eligibility criteria and documentation. It is totally a delusion that registration under Private Limited demands huge investment. In this article, we will discuss the minimum paid-up […]

How much fees is required for Section 8 Company Registration in India?

Nowadays, societal welfare is a major concern for all of us. There are only a few companies who are operating with a motive of society’s welfare. The government is providing certain privileges under Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013 (earlier it was Section 25 of Companies Act, 1956) to all those companies who are working […]

What works are protected under Copyright Registration in India?

Copyright registration plays a vital role in the life of authors, dramatists, composers, musicians, architects and all those individuals who are associated with creativity. It provides them protection for their creativity. Without creativity, social and economic development cannot be possible. With Copyright Registration in India, they are not afraid of infringement or misuse of their […]

Time Required for Obtaining FFMC License in India

FFMC, an acronym used for Full-Fledge Money Changer, is the third category of Authorized Dealer (AD) of AMCs (Authorized Money Changers) apart from AD- Category 1 (Banks) & AD- Category 2. This license is issued to those business entities whose main purpose is to undertake all money changing activities and foreign exchanges. This is issued […]

10 Facts You didn’t know about Public Limited Company

In India, there are two companies that are limited by shares; Private Limited and Public Limited Company. Public Limited Company is a company whose securities are traded in the stock market and could be sold to anyone. It is also called Publicly Held Company. In this company, the members have to follow strict rules and […]

Major Differences Between Sole Proprietorship Vs LLP in India

In India, all the petty retailers, traders, small scale entrepreneurs, etc. register themselves as Sole Proprietor of their firm as they solely want to own their firm without distributing profits among their partners. A sole proprietorship is also called “One Person Company” where there is a single owner who manages all the assets, debts, financial […]

Copyright Registration for Offline Business in India

Creativity is present everywhere and it plays an important role in the social and economic development of the country. Creators, nowadays, are selling or leasing their creativity to the third party to make some money and build their image. But when they are transferring their creativity, they need some sort of legal protection to ensure […]

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