How to obtain Eating House License in India?

eating house license in India
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The food business is definitely preferable by every foodie entrepreneur. They always want to show their love and passion for food through their delicious food and creative presentation. Thus, they prefer to open eating houses like restaurants, cafes, stalls, etc. To open an eating house, they should acquire an eating house license for their business. Acquiring an eating house license in India is not the only requirement to operate this business; there are several other requirements as well which we will discuss further. But before we proceed, we should know basic about this license and advantages to open an eating house.

Eating House License in India

Eating House license is the License issued by Licensing Police Commissioner of a particular city/state. This license must be obtained as permission to establish the eating house in a specific location. The eating house offers various varieties of food, drinks, smoke, etc. to the general public for consumption. The applicant needs to obtain this license along with several other licenses if he/she wants to operate a café, restaurant, hotel, etc.

Benefits of opening an Eating House in India

  • The food business has a separate fan base in India and food offered with an eating house facility definitely adds some stars to your business. It gives the owners to show their creativity and passion in offering food and related services to the customers.
  • Businesses can get huge popularity in the market if they will offer good quality and quantity of food to the customers. As a result, it will also result in profit maximization.
  •  An eating house is a good gathering place for the public. Customers can spend their quality time along with their friends and family with delicious food.
  • The eating house reflects the values, culture of the country. The variety of food with its presentation shows that it belongs to the particular culture that defines its values. For example, serving Rajasthani food in big thali with small bowls, Pizza in wooden tray, Dosa in banana leaves.

Other licenses required for operating an Eating House in India

FSSAI License

Other licenses for Eating House

Food Safety & Standards Authority of India FSSAI License should be obtained by every business entity that wants to operate in the food industry. This license assures that the food offered by the company has passed the entire standards test and is approved for consumption. If any entity who is associated with the food business found without this license, then he/she has to bear the penalty for the same.

Shop& Establishment License

Those who want to open their eating house must acquire Shop & Establishment License. This license is obtained by the respective state authority to legally operate as a business entity in a particular space.

Health Trade License

Eating house owners should obtain a Health Trade License which ensures that the entity is engaged in a specific trade of business in a particular location.

Certificate of Incorporation

This is one of the most important certificates you should obtain to open the Eating House. This certificate is the formation of the company under MCA whether it is registered as Private Limited, LLP, OPC or any other form of business.

Eating House License

It is the permission to establish an eating-house in India which offers various kind of food, drinks etc for dine-in consumption.                           

Fire Security Certificate

This certificate assures that all the fire safety measures are installed in the eating house location.

Liquor License

If the proposed eating house is going to offer any liquor in the menu then the applicant should also obtain this liquor license.

Music License

If the eating house has a music facility in the layout then they must acquire a Music license from the concerned authority.

Environmental Clearance license

This license ensures that the eating house is not going to harm the environment and natural resources.


Every eating house owner should obtain the insurance of their business for public liability, assets and deal with any contingency.                                  

Documents required for obtaining Eating House License in India

Documents Eating House License
  • Identity Proof of Directors (PAN Card)- Current Form-32.
  • Address Proof of Directors (Aadhar card, Voter Id card)
  • Proof of eating house Registered address (Property papers, Rent agreement with NOC from Landlord if the working place is on rent)
  • Copy of plant layout.
  • Photo of the eating house.
  • No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department if the eating house has an arrangement of more than 50 seats.
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) License.
  • Duplicate copy and fee receipt of the Health Trade License from their respective authorities.
  • Undertaking for the installation of CCTV cameras.
  • Goods & Services Tax Registration number.
  • Rs.10 self-attested affidavit for the license.
  • Proof of the measures for fire safety
  • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  • Proof copy of Board Resolution
  • Undertaking for amusement activities in the eating house.
  • Employees name and address.
  • Consent Letter from DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Committee).
  • Proof of the space earmarked for smoking.
  • Other documents; if required.

Procedure for obtaining Eating House License in India

Filing up the application form

The first step for obtaining an eating house license is to fill up the application form[1] by mentioning all the necessary details of the directors and their eating house. The prescribed fee for the fresh license and Renew License is Rs.300 and Rs.100 respectively. 

Submission of Documents

Under the next step, the applicant needs to submit all the relevant documents as prescribed above with the application form.

Scrutinization by Additional Commissioner of Police

Once you submitted your entire documents along with the application form then, after that your appointment will be fixed with Additional Commissioner of police for the proper verification of your application and all the relevant documents.

Granting License

Once you met with Additional Commissioner of Police and all our documents are verified then, your application will be approved and preceded further for granting the Eating House License. Generally, it will take 35-40 days for the License authority to grant the License for the same.

Validity for Eating House License

The tenure of Eating House License will depend on its Registering Authority. However, its validity is also subjected to the Health/ Trade License and other Licenses associated with the application.


Obtaining an eating house license is definitely a compulsion if you want to open an eating house to serve your delicious food but don’t forget to obtain all the other necessary licenses as well for its registration. Generally, the authority rejects doesn’t accept the application in the first attempt, it requires regular follow-ups with the concerned authority. So, if you want to obtain an eating house license without any inconvenience, then contact Swarit advisors.

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