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Shivi Gupta

Shivi holds extensive experience in content development and research in the finance, economics, legal and business domain. A stickler for detail, she curates her content putting her financial and legal acumen to use and conducting a detailed analysis of latest economics, business and financial trends.

Authorised Money Changer Activities: How Money Changers Work

The business of foreign exchange or foreign securities can only be undertaken by Authorised Money Changers, who have obtained the Full-Fledged Money Changer License from the RBI. In this guide, we’ll talk about how money changers work and the different kinds of activities that can be undertaken by them. Concept of Authorised Money Changers Authorised […]

Importance of NBFCs: A Priority Sector for the RBI

India is one of the largest economies in the world and has recently witnessed a quick escalation in the growth of numerous industries such as infrastructure, education, healthcare and technology. This has resulted from the affordable and accessible financial support extended to them by the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). The financial sector in India has […]

Insurance Broker Educational Requirements for Insurance Broker License

The insurance sector in India is rapidly developing and moving towards a more transparent and accessible market for insurance buyers. Insurance businesses that operate in India include insurance companies, web aggregators and insurance brokers. In order to start an insurance broking company, it is essential to obtain the Insurance Broker License. This guide lays down […]

Authorised Money Changer Audit: FFMC License Audit Requirements

The activities relating to foreign currency or money exchange can only be undertaken by Authorised Money Changers, who hold the FFMC or Full-Fledged Money Changer License. Any business who holds this money changer license in India is required to comply with various post-license registration requirements with the RBI. In this guide, we talk about post-registration […]

Process of Appointment of Principal Officer for Insurance Web Aggregator

For starting an Insurance Web Aggregator platform, a company needs to adhere to many requirements such as the process of appointment of Principal Officer, minimum capital requirements, eligibility conditions and documentation requirements. A company cannot operate as an insurance web aggregator without obtaining the Web Aggregator License from the IRDAI. One of the most important […]

Effects of COVID-19 on NBFC Sector in India

This article talks about the pre-coronavirus NBFC sector, the effects of COVID-19 on NBFC and the measures which can be taken by NBFCs in India to manage the coronavirus impact on financial services. The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected global economies and has had a significant effect on the financial sectors worldwide, including the Indian […]

Web Aggregator License Renewal Process and Requirements in India

Web Aggregator License Renewal: With a rise in the number of insurance buyers and increase in the use of the internet by consumers to purchase goods or avail services, the need for technological disruption in the insurance sector in India became the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind, the Insurance Regulatory and Development […]

SEBI Guidelines for IPO: Guidelines for Making Public Offer in India

Capital is the key for any company to support its operations financially and maintain its liquidity. At any stage of during its lifetime, a company may need more funds than the amount it which it started and therefore, plan to raise capital through the available options. The capital market of a country maintains a balance […]

NBFC vs Banks: The Best Option for Getting Loans in India

NBFC vs Banks: A person or business venture may require financial assistance at an important stage of their personal or professional life. The Indian banking and financial sector has played an essential role in streamlining credit for the masses. The traditional banking sector ruled the lending sector in India for more than decades. A majority […]

Kerala FSSAI Registration and License: Eligibility, Process and Requirements

The food sector in India has become one of the most profitable and in-demand businesses. More food businesses are popping up across the country due to the rise in demand for quality food products and services. The increase in online food delivery marketplaces has also led to more people ordering food from the comforts of […]

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