Shivi Gupta

Shivi Gupta

Shivi holds extensive experience in content development and research in the finance, economics, legal and business domain. A stickler for detail, she curates her content putting her financial and legal acumen to use and conducting a detailed analysis of latest economics, business and financial trends.

Web Aggregator License: All About Insurance Web Aggregation in India

Insurance plays a critical role in any country’s economy as it protects the future of individuals and businesses from any form of financial risks, allowing them to transfer such risks to a third party and manage them more efficiently. By providing security to individuals and businesses, insurance protects the overall economic development of a country. […]

Minimum Capital Requirement for NBFC: Complete Guide to Start an NBFC in India

The banking sector encompasses various financial operations such as deposits, loans, and so on. Most countries have a centralized bank that regulates all other banks in the country, in India that role is played by RBI (Reserve bank of India). In India the Non-Banking Financial sector has an enormous growth potential. A Non-Banking Financial Company […]

Money Changer License: Eligibility and Application Process in India

Foreign exchange is crucial for a country to stay in the global trade mixture. Foreign exchange deals with trade of foreign currency in case of any transaction that happens internationally. This may include business transactions, money spent on tourism, etc. To carry out these transactions, it is mandatory to have licensed places where individuals and […]

Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions in India: A Complete Guide

Businesses across the world are moving towards smarter collaborations by way of alliances with large corporations or new startups. Most businesses look for restricting their operational model through partnerships in the form of Mergers and Acquisition. When a business wishes to expand globally to meet the changing scenarios of globalisation and deglobalisation, it looks to […]

A Complete Checklist for Start a Small Finance Company in India

India is a rapidly developing economy, with a diverse population and a large bank of talent. However, a significant portion of the country’s population resides in rural and semi-urban areas, where the traditional banking services are yet to make a mark. Individuals and businesses belonging to the lower-income group are unable to find secure channels […]

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