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Importance of NBFCs: A Priority Sector for the RBI

importance of NBFCs
Shivi Gupta
| Updated: Jun 18, 2020 | Category: NBFC

India is one of the largest economies in the world and has recently witnessed a quick escalation in the growth of numerous industries such as infrastructure, education, healthcare and technology. This has resulted from the affordable and accessible financial support extended to them by the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). The financial sector in India has contributed to the overall growth of the economy by serving a wide number of businesses as well as individuals. The importance of NBFCs has been realised in recent years, and the entities have emerged as the priority sector for the Reserve Bank of India.

What is Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC)?

A Non-Banking Financial Company is a financial enterprise that provides private financial solutions to individuals and businesses. An NBFC is a which is established under the Companies Act, 2013. The license to operate as an NBFC and its compliances are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

NBFCs are different from banks even though they are engaged in lending activities. They provide financial assistance to individuals and enterprises in accordance with the limitations and directions of the RBI. NBFCs also provide assistance to the masses for their financial requirements, acquisition of securities, shares, stocks, debentures and bonds which are issued by the government. NBFCs in India are also engaged in extending services relating to hire purchase, venture capital finance, insurance, leasing, and housing finance.

NBFCs are similar to Banks and other public institutions in many ways since they have a same style of operating. They are both engaged in extending loans, insurance services, savings, credit support and leasing. However, the debate between NBFC vs Banks has always remained central to the functioning of NBFCs in India.

Objectives of the NBFC Sector in India

In India, a large segment has remained untouched by the banking institutions and lacked access to quality financial services. This is because of the stringent loan application appraisal requirements and limited reach of the banks. MSMEs and individuals with low income have remained undeserved for a long time.

There is a large portion of the Indian population which has diverse financial demands, but banks and other institutions have failed to address this. NBFCs are now extending affordable and financially-accessible credit solutions.

NBFC players have been building a new financial network in India where financial services are provided through finer products, quicker processes and latest technology. This way, they are providing financial services to the underserved enterprises and businesses who lacked knowledge and access to quality financial solutions.

The new and emerging players in the NBFC sector are disrupting the financial landscape and extending better financial solutions to the vast unaddressed market. NBFCs are targeting the market which holds the potential to grow and contribute further to the country’s economic development.

The key goal of NBFCs has been easing the pain points of a large market that was unserved by the existing banks and financial solutions while running a profitable and sustainable business. NBFCs work with an objective of making financial services accessible in a streamlined and standardized manner. This objective sets them apart from their counterparts and has made them the key flag bearers of economic growth.

Over the last couple of years, retail lending has increased across the country steadily. This has also stemmed from the contribution made by the NBFCs to serve a large population. Along with banks, NBFCs are bolstering the growth and development of the Indian economy. However, the operations of NBFCs is widely different from banks, and NBFCs hold an upper hand over the banking sector in many ways.

NBFC vs Banks

The Indian banking sector has controlled the financial market in the country for more than 60 years. It introduced the India audience with credit, leasing, and various other financial services. However, the sector has had limited success when it comes to serving the large market of businesses and individuals that are located in the rural and semi-urban regions of the country. It is due to the lack of credit history and failure to fulfil the eligibility benchmarks set by the banks.

With NBFCs, the financial landscape in India has taken a 360-degree turn. When it comes to industry growth, the growth in the banking industry has significantly reduced due to a rise in their non-performing assets (NPAs). On the other hand, the NBFCs have been handling the market crunch more efficiently. They are implementing an inclusive approach and better risk management strategies. NBFCs have proven their ability to sustain themselves and perform stably in a liquidity-crushed market.

The NBFCs are catering to the financial requirements of businesses and salary earners and providing them with the financial safety net they require in the form of affordable loans, insurance, leasing, etc.

NBFCs in India have established a more approachable and inclusive financial system where the financial needs of those who are excluded under the current banking system are able to apply for affordable financial assistance.

NBFCs are playing an important role in building a more financially efficient nation by offering MSME businesses the assistance they require to expand and thrive. With their innovative loan products, smarter business approach, and innovative technologies, NBFCs are staying ahead of the existing banking sector.

Importance of NBFCs: How NBFCs are Changing the Indian Financial Market

Non-Banking Financial Companies or NBFCs are playing a significant role in providing accessible and affordable financial services to the masses. They are becoming key players in boosting the living standards and financial awareness in the country. The NBFC players mainly target the business of granting loans, acquisition of shares, stocks, bonds, debentures and securities allotted by the government, leasing, hire purchase, etc. NBFCs are enabling Indian businesses, households and self-employed individuals to be more financially confident and aware of the right financial solutions as per their requirements.

Industry Growth

The NBFC sector has had a tremendous growth graph during the past ten years. The sector has witnessed a rise in the Compound Annual Growth Rate,and many NBFCs have taken the lead and grown faster than many banking institutions in India.

The Return on Assets (RoA) of the NBFC sector has been on the rising side as compared to the Indian banking institutions. This is because of the lower operational costs, larger customer base and digital presence of the NBFC players.

Importance of NBFCs in Promoting Inclusive Growth

NBFCs in Indiaare playing a critical role in the development of the country by addressing the diverse financial needs of underserved customers who did not have access to banking services. Also, NBFCs are playing the leading role in providing more approachable and inclusive financial services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in accordance with their entrepreneurial requirements.

NBFCs are playing a critical role in inviting more businesses and individuals from the low-income hierarchyto contribute to the development of the India economy. They are doing so by providing pushing more wealth creation, credit and financial independence in rural regions. They are also working in accordance with the Indian government’s initiative of financial inclusion and supporting financially weaker sections of the society.

Infrastructure Lending

NBFCs are playing a centric role in the Indian economic growth by lending financial assistance to infrastructure projects.These projects play a key role in the growth of a developing country like India. These projects usually involve a large amount of funds, and the ROI is received over a long period of time. This makes infrastructure project less attractive and riskier, making banking institutions sceptical about investing in them. However, NBFCs are contributing to infrastructure lending through their robust portfolio assessment abilities and risks management planning.

Credit to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – MSMEs

The Indian MSME sector has immense potential to grow and contribute to the economic growth and promotion of financial inclusion in rural and semi-urban regions in the country. However, a large segment of MSMEs is unable to access formal credit channels that provide safe credit solutions to them. NBFCs extend customisable loan solutions to this vast sector, giving them the opportunity to realise their business ideas and contribute to the country’s fiscal growth.

Contribution of NBFCs in Micro Finance

NBFC-MFIs are small finance companies which provide small-size, short term loans to businesses and individuals. MFIs extend their financial solutions to the poorer sections in the rural regions and bridge the gap created by the commercial banks and private money lenders. NBFC-MFIs have emerged as growth enablers which extend financial services to the low-income generating section of the society, thereby promoting inclusive economic growth.

Improvement in the Standard of Living

NBFCs are allowing households and individuals to avail finer living standards for themselves by giving them the needed financial education and freedom.Improvement in the standard of living of the large segment of individuals can propel the economic development and further allow entrepreneurs to grow.

Growth in the Employment Sector

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) are contributing significantly to the increase in employment opportunities in India. NBFCs are influencing MSMEs, self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs to grow their business and hire more employees. NBFCs are helping this market to achieve its full business potential, allowing them to expand their operations and provide more employment opportunities and occupation practices.

Supporting Their Customers

NBFCs are regulated by the RBI, which requires them to implement adequate solutions to protect their customers. NBFCs priorities the implementation of customer protection policies to safeguard them from any kind of deceptive, fraudulent or unfair practices.

NBFCs also provide affordable interest rates, technology-driven processes and omnichannel connectivity to their clients to raise any kinds of queries or issues with the business for a prompt resolution.

NBFCs are also governed by the Master Directors by the Reserve Bank of India, which makes it mandatory for them to lay down a detailed strategic plan for risk management, audits, disclosure of information, maintenance of liquidity, transparency of operations, technology security, and much more.

Extent of Operations

NBFCs serve both individuals and businesses from different demographics. They serve a large market of undeserved entities and operate mostly via digital presence. This allows them to operate on a larger extent and serve a larger market.

Technology Innovation

The importance of NBFCs can also be highlighted in the fact that they are developing more innovative and tailor-made products for the diverse financial needs of their clients. NBFCs are revolutionizing the financial sector in India with their flexible products, affordable services, and multi-channel existence.

Future of the NBFC Sector

The banking sector would always remain an integral and core component of the economy due to the innumerable services and support they provide to the businesses and individuals alike. Banks would remain the backbone of cash flow in the Indian economy and continue to dominate the financial market. However, despite this importance and criticality, the importance of NBFCs to improve the financial sector is undeniable.

NBFCs are playing an important role in the Indian economy, paving the way for a more inclusive and safer channel of financial assistance to all equally. NBFCs have a bright future in the Indian financial sector due to their innovative ideas, faster turnaround time in serving their customers and more affordable and accessible solutions.

The NBFCs have become a priority sector for the RBI due to the role they play in creating a nexus between worthy financial solutions and a humongous unserved market in India. 

The importance of NBFCsis also highlighted in the fact that they have garnered the trust of businesses and individuals quickly, with their robust operational strategies, constant connectivity and efficient financial products. They are truly the game changers in the financial sector of India, who are contributing immensely to the financial inclusion of our diverse country as a whole.

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