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Swaritadvisors.com is technology motivated platform establishing the specialized legal & Financial advisory services in India. We are dedicated to helping startups and MNC in solving legal, Taxation and compliance related to starting and running their business around the world.

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) – An Overview

Non-Banking Financial Companies have emerged as an alternative for banks in terms of raising funds for individuals as well as businesses. NBFCs also deploy funds to MSMEs in India. These have become an important part of the vast financial industry in India. NBFC is defined in accordance with Section 45-I of the Reserve Bank of […]

What are the Documents Required for Insurance Web Aggregator License?

Web Aggregator is an online portal for enquiring about financial and insurance products. This is a useful platform for any individual for getting the quote and buying diverse Insurance products or policies through the service providers sitting at one point. Insurance Web Aggregators are companies: registered under the Companies Act and regulated under the Insurance […]

How to Become a Portfolio Manager Registered with SEBI

A person responsible for the management, advising, supervising a portfolio on the behalf of his clients is known as a portfolio manager. A portfolio means a bunch of investments. And the service provided for managing the fund of a client is termed as portfolio management. The portfolio manager is expected to be capable enough for […]

Procedure for Issue of Sweat Equity Shares in India

Sweat Equity Shares are issued by the Company to give recognition to its employees for their work. It is one of the methods through which the Company makes the share-based payment to its employees. Sweat equity shares is a reward given to employees for their contribution to the development of the Company. Equity Shares encourages […]

How to Become an Investment Adviser in India

In India, if you want to be an Investment Advisor, then you must be registered with SEBI. A registered investment adviser isn’t allowed to receive any compensation or remuneration from any person except the client who is being advised. It implies that an investment adviser in India can only work on a fee prescribed for […]

Generate Income Tax Form 16 for Salaried Person

Form 16 is issued under Section 203 of the Income Tax Act 1961 to salaried individuals by their employers. It is in the form of a document which contains the breakup of the entire salary details of the individual for a particular financial year and the tax liability that has been deducted from the salary. […]

What are the Relaxations that Start-Ups Can Get Via Private Limited Company Registration

Of all the options of business entities available under the Companies Act, 2013, the option of Private Limited Company has become the most opted one by the entrepreneurs. Primarily, this has happened because of the freedom that has been given to the Private Limited Companies under the Companies Act, 2013. Under the old Companies Act, […]

Benefits of Private Companies Over Public Limited Companies

When commencing a business, businessmen have multiple choices as to the kind of business entity that they can form. The Indian Company Law gives options including Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, LLPs, Sole Proprietorships, etc. A businessman can form an entity as per the amount to be invested, a number of members, the burden […]

Procedure for GST Number search by PAN

Goods & Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is a unique identification number allotted to business enterprises and taxpayers when they get themselves registered under the Goods & Services Act. It’s a state-specific number consisting of 15 digits. These 15 digits are comprised of the ten digits PAN no. of the enterprise or individual, two digit […]

GST On Travel Agents and Tour Operators

We are well aware that GST is levied on the supply of goods and services. And hence, travel agencies are no exception. Therefore, GST on Travel Agents and Tour Operators are also imposed since they offer travel services to the people. In this blog, we will educate you about the GST on Travel Agents as […]

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