Importance of Patent Registration and how can We Get it?

Importance of Patent Registration
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| Updated: Jun 21, 2018 | Category: Patent

There’s a system of patenting in India that grants an owner of intellectual property rights over it. It is granted by the patent office of India and this patenting system is governed by the patents act of 1970 and the patent rules of 1972 in India. When you do Patent Registration online, you will be granted rights by the patent office in India, which will allow the owner of the patent for maintaining a monopoly for a limited time period over its use and development of their patented invention. In this article we will discuss why is online patent registration important and how can we get it?

This lawful right excludes all the others except for the owner to make or process or produce or sell or import their product or make in India. It can be done through but with the permission of the owner on a document. Without his permission or consent, it is a punishable offence.

Advantages of Patent Registration

  • The Protection of an invention via Patent Registration: A patent Registration will help protect your invention or your intellectual property from being used by others, it keeps your credit to you. Others will require your permission in order to use it in any way.
  • Selling or Transferring the Rights of a Patent: Patent Registration shall allow you to sell or transfer or franchise your lawful patent. This shall help you with raising more of the revenue through it.
  • The Validity of the Patent Registration: The invention by you will get protection against third party usage or credit theft for about 20 years under the patent act of patent Registration.

Procedure for Patent Registration

The Patent Registration procedure involves filing for an application for the Patent Registration under the patent act. You shall be provided with a monopoly to use your invention publically. Before applying just go through the following key steps:

  • Look and Search for your Patent: Now how to check patents? Well for that you can take professional help and make sure that what you have invented or discovered doesn’t already exist. If a patent for your type of idea is already there in existence then you can no longer apply for a patent Registration. This step saves from the efforts of application and process beforehand.
  • The Domicile of your Patent: All the patents that get registered in India will protect your work or invention in India only. It doesn’t apply to other countries apart from India. However, there is a possibility of protection for your patent in countries other than India too by applying for a patent separately for those countries where you want to get your patent registered.
  • Filing of the respective patent application in India: You must file an application for the patent Registration first with the patent office before you go on to disclose all the details regarding your invention.
  • The reviewing process of your Patent Registration application: The respective patent office in India under the Indian government[1] will review your application. Here they shall check any possible replication or if it matches with any pre-existing patent. Once it is cleared that it is a fresh idea or an invention, the office will grant you with the patent Registration.
  • Granting of the patent: Once the patent has been granted to you, the status of your application can be checked for an update in the status over the patent site. It will take anywhere from 6 months to 1.5 years for getting the certificate.

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