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NSIC Registration
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Government is assisting MSMEs in all possible ways and providing them various benefits for the development of country’s economy. Government is providing additional benefits to them through NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) registration. To avail more financial, marketing, technological and PCR benefits, NSIC registration is mandatory and it also assures that you are serving best to your customers or consumers. To know more about its documentation process and benefits, let’s proceed further.

NSIC Registration

NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) is the government authorized enterprise under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. It is an ISO certified enterprise created by Government of India in 1955 to foster aid and promote the growth of Indian MSMEs. NSIC operates via technical centers and offices all over the country. It has total 128 branches all over the country where applicant needs to submit all the documents along with the application form.

The Vision of NSIC is to become the leading organization which fosters the growth of all MSMEs sector in India.

And, the Mission is to promote and support Indian MSMEs by providing them marketing, technological, financing and other allied services.

Benefits of National Small Industries Corporation Registration for MSME

Marketing Benefits

  • The MSMEs can participate in International fairs organized by NSIC in foreign countries. The subsidy will be maximum Rs.2.25lacs for micro enterprises, Rs.2lacs for small enterprises and Rs.1.50lacs for medium enterprises including space rent, air fares and freight charges.
  • The MSMEs can participate in exhibitions or trade fair of India. The subsidy for regular Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is 75%, 60% and 25% respectively.
  • The NSIC registered MSMEs can also participate on Techmart Exhibitions organized by NSIC itself. It is a kind of international exhibition where Indian MSMEs with best products, services or technologies are showcased.
  • The MSMEs can also participate in Buyers-Sellers meet with government or other industry associations.

Credit facilities

  • All NSIC registered MSMEs are eligible to get governmental assistance in procuring raw materials from national or international sellers as well as from government agencies.
  • The MSMEs can also get assistance from banks or financial institutions in credit facilities for business purposes.

Technology Support

  • MSMEs after NSIC registration can get assistance in testing their items through government accredited laborites.
  • They can also get government support and advices on new technology and its applications.
  • MSMEs can also get training on skills development.
  • The government can assist MSMEs in Computer-aided product designing.

Eligibility Criteria for NSIC registration

  • All those Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) who are operating in Service and manufacturing sector are eligible for NSIC registration.
  • Traders of the companies are not eligible for this NSIC registration.
  • Provisional NSIC one year registration granted to those entrepreneurs who commenced their business operations but completed one year.

Required Documents for National Small Industries Corporation Registration

  • Identity proof of directors/owners
  • PAN card
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Registered company address proof (lease agreement, Property papers, Rent agreement etc.)
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Article of Association
  • Name of the product or service for which NSIC registration requires.
  • Banker’s statement which specifies the financial position of the company according to application form Performa (F).
  • Quality control measures in the company and equipments used for quality control standards testing.
  • Last 3 years statement of operations signed and sealed by CA.
  • Utility bill of the company
  • Last 3 years financial reports of the company in the form of Balance Sheet, Profit& Loss Account and Trading Account signed and sealed by authorized person.
  • MSME Certificate copy
  • Declaration or Certificate by directors/owners that they are not associated with large industries.
  • List of company’s Plant and machinery purchased with its receipt.
  • Details of raw materials and finished goods in stock.
  • ISO 9000 certificate, if any
  • Employees employed in the company for service and production.
  • BIS License copy, optional.

Government fees for NSIC registration             


Registration fees for less than 1 cr. turnover (Rs.)

Registration fees for more than 1 cr. turnover (Rs.)

Inspection fees (Rs.)

Professional fees for Physical inspection by RITES LTD. (Rs.) & CDC

Less than 5lacs investment in P&M

Investment in P&M 5-25lacs

Investments in P&M 25lacs-1cr.

Micro Industries


3000+ (1500) for one additional crore




3000 for both RITES & CDC


Small Industries


5000+ (2000) for additional crore




4495 for both RITES & CDC

Two Types of Procedure for National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) Registration

Online Procedure for National Small Industries Corporation Registration

Step-1 Apply online

For registering National Small Industries Corporation(NSIC) online, the applicant needs to register NSIC under SPRS and can apply online at NISC website and upload all the required documents as mentioned above. The uploaded documents should be clear and original. Any kind of discrepancy in image will led to the application rejection. Check the procedure of NSIC registration.

Step-2 Filing details

Secondly, the applicant needs to fill the details regarding the following:

  • Udhyog Aadhar Memorandum Number
  • PAN card Number.
  • Company’s Name
  • Authorized Person Name,
  • Nature of Operations
  • Constitution
  • Enterprise Social Category
  • GST number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Options for selecting NSIC branch
  • Options for selecting Inspection agency
  • Details regarding major products in which they want NSIC registration

Step-3 Branch details

Then, the applicant will receive an email on the registered email id regarding the nearest NSIC branch as selected by the applicant. The contact number, its official address, timings etc. will be mentioned in the email in address.

Step-4 Documentation

The applicant needs to contact the respective branch for further documentation and verification. The applicant needs to show original documents as well if the branch demands the same.

Step-5 Granting registration

After all the verification and inspection by respective agency, the company will be NSIC registered.

Offline Procedure for National Small Industries Corporation Registration

Step-1 Filing Application

Under first step of National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) registration, the applicant needs to submit the duplicate form of NSIC along with all the documents and requisite fees to the nearest branch of the NSIC. The documents are mentioned in the prescribed guidelines along with application form.

Step-2 Inspection by private agencies

The copy of application form for GP registration submitted to the branch and the branch will then forwards the application form of GP registration to the inspection department and the applicant needs to pay the fees of the respective inspection department for carrying out technical inspection of MSME.

Step-3 Granting License

Then, the inspection department will forward the inspection report and recommendations regarding the MSME to the department and the department will grant the GP registration to MSME for its products or services. The validity of G.P. registration is two years and needs to be renewed in every two years.

Conclusion :-

So, all the MSMEs should register under NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) to avail other government benefits such as subsidy in various marketing activities, financial and credit support from government, technological support etc. Its registration process is not so easy and requires huge documentation. Rejection or deficiency in documents at any stage might disturb the whole process.


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