How does Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark Ensure Purity of Jewellery?

Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark
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Several jewellers in India deceive customers about the purity of Gold ornaments and levy additional charges. It compels customers to be more cautious while purchasing a piece of jewellery. High quality and authenticity have become focal points for every individual. Thus, on what basis one can distinguish pure Gold? A Government body called Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has simplified the matter by ensuring the purity of jewellery through a Hallmark. The purpose behind the scheme of Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark is to safeguard the public from adulterated Gold and enforce the manufacturers to maintain standards of purity.

An overview of Bureau of Indian Standards

Bureau of Indian Standards popularly known as BIS is a national standard body established by Government of India under BIS Act, 1986 now revised as 2016. This Act aims to provide a standard body which derives a harmonious development of conformity assessment, standardization and quality assurance of articles, goods, services, systems and processes that are interconnected.

BIS set various laboratories on regional, branch and central level to certify the quality of goods. The object of such laboratories is to test the sample of the products and reject the ones that do not satiate the standard quality stipulated under BIS Act, 2016.

Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark formulates and promotes Indian Standards among Gold ornament manufacturers and retailers.

Enforcement of BIS Hallmarking Regulations, 2018

After the approval of Central Government, Executive Committee of BIS has formulated Bureau of Indian Standards (Hallmarking) Regulations w.e.f 14th June 2018. Here are the highlights of the provisions:

  • It mandates every jeweller to get BIS Certification and register under BIS Act, 2016 to sell metal articles as per Section 14 of an Act.
  • The applicant or any authorized representative shall sign the Application for BIS Registration.
  • The applicant needs to submit a self-certified copy of the documents, as prescribed into the Regulation along with the fees specified in Schedule-1.
  • Once issued, a BIS Certificate shall be valid for a period of 5 years.
  • Registration Certificates shall be granted to the premises mentioned in the Registration Certificate.
  • The registered jeweller must display the original Certificate in his sales outlet.
  •  All certified jewellers must Hallmark the articles which they intend to sell from an authorized Hallmarking centre of BIS.
  • Registered jewellers who possess Hallmark jewellery shall be liable for its fineness and purity.
  • Moreover, in case of any discrepancy in the fineness of purity of the Hallmarked ornament, the registered jewellers shall be liable to pay compensation.
  •  The registered jewellers need to pay fees to the Hallmarking centres.
  • Certified jewellers must keep record of copies of the request for Hallmarking such as invoice, bill, etc. for five years or until the Hallmarked goods are sold, whichever is longer.
  • The licensee shall apply for renewal prior to 30 days of the expiration of his existing License. BIS Authority may renew or cancel the License, if not satisfied with the provided information/documents.
  • If a Registered jeweller is found guilty of committing any unfair practices in misusing the Hallmark, then Bureau can cancel the License. 
  • Before cancellation or non-renewal of BIS Certification, Bureau shall issue a Notice to the concerned jeweller citing the reason for the same.
  • A jeweller must stop selling the Hallmarked metal articles after cancellation or due to any pending order in regarding the cancellation of BIS Registration. Also, he must stop getting any precious metal articles Hallmarked thereafter.
  • BIS Regulations further entails the methods of recognizing of assaying and Hallmarking centres to certify Refinery.

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Mandatory Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark for Gold jewellery

Considering the fraud cases in the Gold industry, the Government has issued a notification on 14th January according to which all jewellers have to undertake the process of gold Hallmarking and register under BIS. Therefore, no retailer shall sell any Gold ornaments without Hallmarking from 15th January 2021.

The Union Consumer Affairs Minister states that the purpose of mandatory Hallmarking for Gold artefacts and jewellery is to protect consumer’s interest and save them from buying fake Gold ornaments. The jewellery with Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark will denote pure Gold ornaments. It will also, provide exclusive information about the purity of Gold that now will only be in 3 types of carats, i.e. 14, 18 and 22, thereby reducing the corruption rate.

Things to know about Gold Hallmarking

There are many speculations related to Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark of Gold so let’s clarify the matter:

  • BIS Hallmarking shall be done for Gold jewellery in three categories (14 carat, 18 carat and 22 carat).
  • The intent of compulsory Hallmarking is to ensure that the consumers are not cheated on purchasing Gold jewellery and get the same purity, as mentioned on the ornament.
  • BIS has levied some charges for jewellers to get their ornaments Hallmarked. As per BIS website, INR 35 plus taxes are charged per Gold article. The minimum charges imposed for a consignment of Gold Hallmarking are INR 200 plus service tax and other applicable charges (as the case may be).
  • Gold Hallmarking is not done instantly. Hence, it may take around five to six hours to check the purity of Gold before Hallmarking it.
  • Hallmarked Gold jewellery will now have four marks- BIS Mark, jewellers’ identification mark, purity in carat and assay centre’s name.
  •  If any consumer has any complaint or grievance regarding his/her Hallmarked jewellery, then one can contact BIS Authority either by sending a mail on [email protected] or through calling at 011-23234223.


It is utmost essential for every Gold retailer to acquire a BIS Certification in 2020 and Hallmark his Gold ornaments. As Bureau of Indian Standards Hallmark signifies Gold purification, it will help jewellers to win customer’s trust and amplify his business.

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