List of Paper and Printed Goods under Trademark Class 16

Trademark Class 16
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Oct 22, 2020 | Category: Trademark

The term “Trademark Class 16” signifies a classification that deals principally with Paper, Books, Stationery, and Printed Material.

Further, the term “Paper, Books, Stationery, and Printed Material” denotes Bookbinding Material, Adhesives for Stationery, Photographs, Adhesives for Household purposes, Artists’ Materials, Typewriters and Office Requisites, Paint Brushes, Instructional and Teaching material, Plastic Material, Playing Cards, Printing Blocks, Types of Printer, etc.

However, it shall be relevant to note that this class does not include any hand tools for artists, teaching apparatus, colors, abrasive paper, table cups and plates of paper, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss the concept of Trademark Class 16 and the list of items termed as Paper, Books, Stationery, and other Printed Material.

Items Included under Trademark Class 16

The Items covered under the Trademark Class 16 are as follows:

  1. Printed Material
  2. Book Binding Material
  3. Photographs
  4. Stationery and Office Requisites
  5. Adhesives for Stationery
  6. Adhesives for Household purposes
  7. Drawing Materials
  8. Paint Brushes
  9. Instructional and Teaching Materials
  10. Plastic Sheets
  11. Films
  12. Bags for Wrapping and Packaging
  13. Printing Blocks
  14. Types of Printers
  15. Decoration and Art Material
  16. Disposable Paper Products
  17. Writing and Stamping Implements
  18. Stationery
  19. Industrial Paper
  20. Cardboards
  21. French Curves
  22. Photo Albums
  23. Paper Knives
  24. Paper Cutter
  25. Filtering Materials of Paper
  26. Holders for Cheque Books, Passport Holders, Paper-clips, and Scrapbooks

Items Not Included under Trademark Class 16

Items Excluded TM Class16

The items not included under Trademark Class 16 are as follows:

  1. Photographic Paper under the Trademark Class 1
  2. Paints under the Trademark Class 2
  3. Abrasive Paper under the Trademark Class 3
  4. Hand Tools for Artists under the Trademark Class 8
  5. Teaching Apparatus under the Trademark Class 9
  6. Paper Blinds under the Trademark Class 20
  7. Table Cups and Paper Plates under the Trademark Class 21
  8. Bed Linen under the Trademark Class 24
  9. Paper Clothing under the Trademark Class 25
  10. Toy Models under the Trademark Class 28
  11. Cigarette Paper under the Trademark Class 34

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Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 16

Coordinated Classes TM16

The term Coordinated or Related Classes depicts an event in which a specific good or service falls under the ambit of two or more Trademark Classification.

Further, the classifications that have a close-knit with the Items or Goods specified under the Trademark Class 16 are as follows:

  1. Computers and Scientific Devices under the Trademark Class 9
  2. Advertising and Business Services under the Trademark Class 35
  3. Education and Entertainment Services under the Trademark Class 41
  4. Science and Technology Services under the Trademark Class 42

It shall be noteworthy to assert that the notion of Related Classes was coined by the USPTO or United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Moreover, as per the USPTO, any individual or business entity that wants to acquire Trademark Registration under Class 16 of the Trademark Classification, needs to furnish an application form under all the other associated classes too.


In a nutshell, the idea of Trademark Classification plays a significant part in the process of Trademark Registration in India. Apart from this, it is obligatory for every applicant or individual to specify the correct classification for obtaining Registration.

However, it shall be pertinent to state that even a minute mistake or error in the registration process can result in the rejection or cancellation of the registration application form.

In case of any other doubt or confusion, reach out to Swarit Advisors, our expert professionals will guide you with the procedure of Trademark Search and Trademark Registration.

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