Scientific & Technological Services under Trademark Class 42

Trademark Class 42
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Dec 05, 2020 | Category: Trademark

“Trademark Class 42” signifies a Class of Trademark Classes that essentially deals with all the services of nature, such as Scientific, Technological, Research, and Design, etc.

However, the services concerning Financial Evaluations, Business Research, Computer Installations, Legal Services, Medical Treatment Services, etc., are not included in Trademark Class 42. 

In this blog, we will discuss the idea of Trademark Class 42, together with the List of Services covered under this Trademark Class.

Services Covered under Trademark Class 42

The services covered under Trademark Class 42 are as follows:

  1. The Services offered by Scientists and Engineers who undertake Estimates, Evaluations, Research and Reports in the Technological and Scientific fields (comprising of technological consultancy);
  2. Scientific Research Services used for Medical purposes;
  3. Testing, Authentication and Quality control services;

Services Not Covered under Trademark Class 42

The services that not covered under the Trademark Class 42 are as follows:

Trademark Class 42 items covered
  1. Business Research and Evaluations Services under the Trademark Class 35;
  2. Computer File Management Services under the Trademark Class 35;
  3. Word Processing Services under the Trademark Class 35;
  4. Financial and Fiscal Evaluations Services under the Trademark Class 36;
  5. Mining and Oil extraction Services under the Trademark Class 37;
  6. Computer (hardware) Installation under the Trademark Class 37;
  7. Computer Repair Services under the Trademark Class 37;
  8. Services offered by the Members of Professions, such as Veterinary, Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Psychoanalysts under the Trademark Class 44;
  9. Medical Treatment Services under the Trademark Class 44;
  10. Garden Design under the Trademark Class 44;
  11. Legal Services under the Trademark Class 45;

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 42

Trademark Class 42 Coordinated Classes

The term“Related Classes” or “Coordinated Classes” signifies a circumstance wherein a particular service or product falls under more than one trademark class. Further, in such a case, there is a need for the said applicant to file the application for registration in each of such trademark class.

The RelatedClasses for Trademark Class 42 are as follows:

  1. Legal & Security Services (Trademark Class 45);
  2. Medical & Veterinary Services (Trademark Class 44);
  3. Food concerning Services (Trademark Class 43);
  4. Education & Entertainment Services (Trademark Class 41);
  5. Chemical Treatment of Material Services (Trademark Class 40);
  6. Shipping & Travel Services (Trademark Class 39);
  7. Telecommunications Services (Trademark Class 38);
  8. Construction & Repair Services (Trademark Class 37);
  9. Insurance & Finance Services (Trademark Class 36);
  10. Advertising & Business Services (Trademark Class 35);

Complete List of Services Covered under the Trademark Class 42

Analysis for oil-field exploitation services

Data conversion of computer programmes and data not physical conversion services

Physics [research] services

Architectural services

Design of interior décor services

Quality control services

Architectural consultation services

Digitization of documents [scanning] services

Quality evaluation of standing timber services

Authenticating works of art services

Dress designing services

Quality evaluation of wool services

Bacteriological research services

Duplication of computer programs services

Recovery of computer data services

Biological research services

Electronic data storage services

Research and development of new products for others services

Calibration [measuring] services

Energy auditing services

Research in the field of environmental protection and conservation services

Cartography services

Engineering services

Provision of scientific information, advice, and consultancy in relation to carbon offsetting services

Chemical analysis services

Geological surveys services

Scientific laboratory services

Chemical researchservices

Geological prospecting services

Scientific research services

Chemistry services

Geological research services

Providing search engines for the internet services

Clinical trialsservices

Graphic arts design services

Server hostingservices

Cloud seeding services

Handwriting analysis [graphology ]services

Software as a services

Cloud computing services

Hosting computer sites [web sites] services

Styling [industrial design] services

Computer rental services

Industrial design services

Surveying services

Computer programming services

Information technology [it] consultancy services

Technical research services

Computer software design services

Providing information on computer technology, and programming via a web site 420201 services

Technical project studies services

Rental of computer software services

Installation of computer software services

Technological consultancy services

Computer system analysis services

Land surveying / land surveys services

Telecommunications technology consultancy services

Computer system design services

Maintenance of computer software services

Material testing services

Computer software consultancy services

Mechanical research services

Textile testing services

Computer virus protection services

Meteorological information services

Underwater exploration services

Computer technology consultancy services

Monitoring of computer systems by remote access services

Updating of computer software services

Construction draftingservices

Off-site data backup services

Urban planning services

Consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware services

Oil prospecting services

Vehicle roadworthiness testing services

Consultancy in the field of energy-saving services

Oil-field surveys services

Water analysis services

Conversion of data or document from physical to electronic media services

Oil-well testing services

Weather forecasting services

Cosmetic research services

Outsource service providers in the field of information technology services

Rental of web servers services

Creating and maintaining web sites for others services

Packaging design services

Web site design consultancy services


In a nutshell, we can say that selecting the right class of Trademark is crucial for obtaining Trademark registration in an effortless and hassle-free manner. However, the same involves a lot of requirements and documentation, hence, is a complex and tricky task as well.

Also, the procedure for Trademark Public Search requires a lot of prior knowledge, skills, and understanding concerning the different Trademark Classes.

In case of any other doubt or confusion, visit Swarit Advisors, our skilled experts will guide you with the documentation and process of TM Public Search and Trademark Registration.

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