Trademark Class 27: Carpets, Rugs and Mats

Trademark Class 27
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Meaning of Trademark Class 27

The concept of Trademark Class 27 pertains to carpets, rugs, mats and matting, linoleum and any other materials used for covering the existing floors as well as the wall hangings (non-textile). Therefore, Trademark Class 27 includes mainly those products which are intended to be added as furnishings to already constructed floors and walls.

However, in order to avoid the objection from the Registrar, it is considered important that the author or the owner should register their Trademark under the appropriate class which will protect such Trademarks from infringers.

List of Items Covered Under Trademark Class 27

The lists of items which are covered under Trademark Class 27 are mentioned below as:

TM Class 27 Items Covered
  • Coverings and mats for vehicles,
  • Various non-textile wall hangings,
  • Diverse artificial ground coverings,
  • Various floor coverings like carpets, rugs, mats along with matting,
  • Various coverings for walls as well as ceilings, and
  • All categories of artificial ground coverings.

List of Items Not Covered Under Trademark Class 27

The category of items which are not covered or excluded from the Trademark Class 27 is mentioned below as:

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 27

TM Class 27 Coordinated Classes

Trademark Class 27 includes mainly those products which are intended to be added as furnishings to already constructed floors and walls. However, in case if any particular or specific goods or services fall under more than one class of Trademark, then in such conditions the applicant must apply for Trademark Registration in each of the classes under which such specific goods and services fall.

Further, it can be mentioned that if the applicant is not completely sure whether to register in Trademark Class 27, the following “coordinated classes” may be considered:

  • Trademark Class 19 which pertains to Building Materials
  • Trademark Class 24 which pertains to Textiles
  • Trademark Class 35 which pertains to Advertising and Business Services
  • Trademark Class 37 which pertains to Construction and Repair Services
  • Trademark Class 42 which pertains to Science and Technology Services.

Comprehensive List of Goods Mentioned Under Trademark Class 27

Following is the comprehensive list of goods and services which can be included under the Trademark Class 27 in alphabetical order:

Adhesive coated contamination control floor mat
Aircraft carpet
Anti-breakage floor mats
Anti-fatigue floor mat
Anti-slip floor coverings for use on staircases
Anti-slip floor mats
Anti-slip floor mats made primarily
Anti-static floor mats
Anti-static floor mats made primarily of eg. rubber, plastic, textiles, etc.}
Antistatic mats for non-safety use
Area rugs
Artificial grass, fur rugs, lawn, turf
Artificial ground coverings
Artificial turf for laying on the surfaces of recreational areas
Automobile carpets
Baby crawling mats
Bags for yoga mats
Bags specially adapted for yoga mats
Barbecue grill floor mats
Bath mats of textile, rubber, plastic, paper
Bathroom mats
Bathroom rugs
Bathroom tiles [carpet]
Beach mats
Carpet runners
Carpet tiles for covering floors
Carpet tiles made of rubber
Carpet tiles made of textile
Carpet tiles made of textiles
Carpet underlay
Carpet underlays
Carpet underlining
Carpet underlinings
Carpeting for vehicles
Carpets [textile]
Carpets and rugs
Carpets for automobiles
Carpets for vehicles
Carpets, rugs and mats
Carpets, rugs, mats and matting, linoleum and other materials for covering existing floors
Carpets, rugs, mats and matting, linoleum for covering existing floors
Ceiling coverings made of paper
Ceiling paper
Chair mats [under-chair floor protector]
Cloth wall coverings
Cork floor mats
Cork for use as a floor or wall covering
Cork mats
Cork tiles
Coverings for existing floors
Decorative wall hangings, not of textile
Disposable absorbent floor pads
Door mats of India rubber or textile
Exercise mats
Fabric bath mats
Fabric wall coverings
Faux fur rugs
Fencing pistes
Fire-resistant floor mats for fireplaces and barbecues
Floor carpets
Floor coverings [for existing floors]
Floor coverings [mats] for use in sporting activities
Floor coverings having insulating properties Floor coverings of vinyl
Floor mats
Floor mats for automobiles
Floor mats for motor vehicles
Floor mats for vehicles
Floor mats made of vinyl, plastic, paper, rubber, textiles
Floor mats of textile for use in the home
Floor mats used in industrial applications made primarily of [indicate material (s), e.g., rubber, plastic, textiles, etc.]
Floor mats, fire resistant, for fireplaces and barbecues
Floor rugs
Floor tiles made of carpet
Floor tiles made of cork
Floor trays for vehicles
Floors coverings of rubber
Foam mats for use on play area surfaces
Friezes [non-textile wall hangings]
Fur rugs
Goza [rush mats]
Goza mats
Goza rush mats
Grass (Artificial -)
Gymnasium exercise mats
Gymnasium floor coverings
Gymnastic mats
Hana-mushiro [rush mats with floral patterns]
Hand made woollen carpets
Handcrafted non-textile wall hangings
Hangings (Wall -), not of textile
Hard surface coverings for floors
Heel protectors [mats] to prevent scuffing whilst driving the vehicle
Horse stall floor mats
Imitation fur rugs
Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for athletics
Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for sports purposes
Insulating wallpaper
Interlocking floor runners
Japanese rice straw mats
Japanese rice straw mats (tatami mats)
Judo mats
Karate mats
Keset [mat]
Lampit [mat]
Linoleum flooring
Linoleum for covering existing floors
Linoleum tiles
Materials for covering existing floors
Mats being floor coverings
Mats for vehicles [not shaped]
Mats of woven rope for creating ski slope surfaces
Mats of woven rope for ski slopes
Meditation mats
Mquettes [carpets]
Mural hangings [non-textile]
Murals in the nature of wallpaper
Non-slip bathtub mats
Non-slip mats
Non-slip mats for showers, baths, shower mats, underlays, yoga, yoga towels
Non-textile decorative wall hangings
Non-textile wall hangings, coverings
Non-textile wallpaper
Non-woven oriental rugs
Oriental non-woven rugs [mosen]
Oriental rugs
Padded coverings for existing ceilings & floors
Padded linings for existing ceilings
Paper bath mats
Personal exercise mats
Personal sitting mats
Pet feeding mats
Pet litter pan floor mats
Plastic bath mats
Plastic floor coverings
Plastic floor mats
Plastic wallpaper
Prayer rugs & mats
Primary carpet backing
Printed decorative wallpaper
Protective floor coverings
Rubber bath mats
Rubber floor coverings
Rubber mats
Rugs for animals
Rugs in the nature of floor runners
Rugs, namely, floor runners
Runners [mats]
Rush mats
Sejadah [prayer mat]
Sheepskin rugs
Sheets of plastic for covering walls
Shower mats
Ski slopes (Mats of woven rope for -)
Soundproofing carpet underlayments
Straps for carrying a yoga mat
Straw mats
Synthetic fur rugs
Synthetic lawns
Tapestry [wall hangings], not of textile
Tapestry-style wall hangings, not of textile
Tatami mats
Textile bath mats
Textile floor mats & coverings
Textile floor mats for use in the home
Textile lined wallpaper
Textile wall coverings
Tikar [mat]
Tiles made of linoleum
Tiles made of linoleum for fixing to existing floors
Turf (Artificial)
Underlay for carpets
Underlayment padding for artificial turf
Underlays for rugs
Vehicle carpets
Vehicles mats and carpets
Vinyl floor coverings
Vinyl floor mats
Vinyl floor mats for {indicate purpose, e.g., indoor use, outdoor use, etc.}
Vinyl floor mats for outdoor & indoor use
Vinyl wall coverings
Vinyl wallpaper
Wall and ceiling coverings
Wall coverings of cork, cloth, paper, plastic, textile, vinyl
Wall hangings [non-textile]
Wall hangings, not made of textile
Wallcoverings of textile
Wallhangings, not of textile
Wallpaper borders
Wallpaper murals
Wallpaper of cork
Wallpaper of plastic
Wallpaper with 3D visual effects
Wallpaper with a textile covering
Wooden door mats
Woven straw mats
Wrestling mats
Yoga blankets
Yoga mat bags
Yoga mats
Yoga towels specially adapted for yoga mats


Thus, it can be clearly mentioned that in order to get a Trademark Registered in India for any of his or her goods and services an author or any owner needs to know how to choose the correct Class of Trademark. However, if an owner of a Trademark fails to apply incorrect form for any Trademark to be registered in India, then in such a situation he/she will have to apply again for the same Trademark to be registered. Hence, it is always considered important to contact any Trademark professional for the hassle-free working of the Trademark Registration process.


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