List of Building Materials under Trademark Class 19

Trademark class 19
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The term “Trademark Class 19” denotes a class or group of Trademark classes that explicitly deals with the goods termed as Building Materials. However, it shall be taken into consideration that the goods, such as Cement Preservatives, Cement-Waterproofing Preparations, and Fireproofing Preparation, are not covered under the ambit of this trademark class.

In this blog, we will discuss the concept of Trademark Class 19 and the List of Items termed as Building Material under this Trademark Class.

Items Covered under Trademark Class 19

The Items covered under the Trademark Class 19 are as follows:

  1. Wood and Artificial Wood;
  2. Veneers;
  3. Stone, Rock, Clay, and Minerals;
  4. Monuments, statues, and other Works of Art made up of Concrete, Stone, Marble, etc.;
  5. Signs, Information, and Advertising Displays;
  6. Semi-worked Wood, for example, beams, panels, planks, etc.;
  7. Tar, Pitch, Bitumen, and Asphalt;
  8. Non-metallic Structures;
  9. Transportable Buildings, such as Scaffoldings;
  10. Non-Metallic Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, etc.;
  11. Non-Metallic Materials and Products used in Railways;
  12. Non-Metallic Hoardings and Displays;
  13. Non-metallic Building, Elements, and Construction Materials;
  14. Letter boxes of Masonry;
  15. Glass Granules for Constructing Roads;
  16. Doors, Gates, Windows, etc., made of Material other than Metal;
  17. Building Glass, such as floor slabs, glass tiles;
  18. And, other Nonmetallic Building Materials;

Items Not Covered under Trademark Class 19

Items covered Tm class 19

The Items not covered under the Trademark Class 19 are as follows:

  1. Fire Proofing Preparations under the Trademark Class 1.
  2. Cement Preservatives under the Trademark Class 1.
  3. Cement Water Proofing Preparations under the Trademark Class 1.

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 19

Whenever a particular good or service falls in more than 1 Trademark Classification, then there is a need for the applicant to apply in each of the trademark classes under which such service or good falls. Also, these other Trademark classes or classifications are known as Coordinated Classes.

Further, the Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 19 are as follows:

  1. Paints under the Trademark Class 2
  2. Common Metals under the Trademark Class 6
  3. Machines and Parts under the Trademark Class 7
  4. Appliances under the Trademark Class 11
  5. Rubber Products under the Trademark Class 17
  6. Advertising and Business Services under the Trademark Class 35
  7. Construction and Repair Services under the Trademark Class 37
  8. Medical Treatment Services under the Trademark Class 40
  9. Science and Technology Services under the Trademark Class 42

It shall be pertinent to mention that the idea of Coordinated Classes was coined by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Moreover, as per USPTO, any individual who wants to get Trademark registration under Class 19 of the Trademark Classes, needs to furnish an application in all the other coordinated classes as well.

Detailed List of Goods Covered under the Trademark Class 19

Advertisement Columns, Not Of MetalCask Wood / Stave WoodGeotextilesLuminous Paving Blocks
Advertisement Columns, Not Of MetalCask Wood / Stave WoodGlass Granules For Road MarkingPaving Blocks, Not Of Metal
Alabaster GlassCement SlabsGranitePerches
AlabasterCement PostsGrave Slabs, Not Of MetalPitch
Angle Irons, Not Of MetalCement For Blast FurnacesGravestones / TombstonesPosts, Not Of Meta
Aquaria [Structures]Cement For FurnacesGypsumGutter Pipes, Not Of MetalGreenhouses, TransportablePosts, Not Of MetalPorphyry [Stone]Plywood
Aquarium GravelCement For Blast FurnacesHutsHutsHips For RoofingPotters’ Clay
Aquarium SandChimney Cowls, Not Of MetalHutsReeds, For BuildingPrefabricated Houses [Kits], Not Of Metal
Artificial StoneChimney Pots, Not Of MetalJalousies, Not Of MetalRoad Coating MaterialsRoad Coating Materials
Asbestos CementChimney Shafts, Not Of MetalJoists, Not Of MetalRock Crystal
Asbestos MortarChimneys, Not Of MetalJoists, Not Of MetalRoofing Slates
AsphaltClinker BallastClayPaths, Not Of MetalRoofing Tiles, Not Of Metal
Asphalt PavingCoal TarLengthening Pieces, Not Of Metal, For ChimneysSandstone For Building
Aviaries, Not Of MetalCoatings [Building Materials]Lengthening Pieces, Not Of Metal, For ChimneysRubbleRoofing Tiles, Not Of Metal
BalustradingConcreteLime LimeSandstone For Building
Beacons, Not Of Metal, Non-LuminousConcrete Building ElementsLinings, Not Of MetalSawn Timber
Beams, Not Of MetalCork [Compressed]Lintels, Not Of MetalShutters, Not Of Metal
Bicycle Parking InstallationsCrash Barriers, Not Of Metal, For RoadsCornicesMagnesia CementSilica [Quartz]
For Parking BicyclesDoor Panels, Not Of MetalMarbleMantlepiecesSilica [Quartz]
Binding Agents For Making BriquettesDrain Pipes, Not Of MetalMasts [Poles], Not Of MetalStables, Not Of Metal
Bird BathsEarth For BricksMonuments, Not Of MetalSilica [Quartz]
BitumenFelt For BuildingFair HutsMosaics For BuildingMortar For Building / GroutSkating Rinks
Bituminous Products For BuildingFences, Not Of Metal Mortar For Building / Grout Tanks Of Masonry
Bituminous Coatings For RoofingFigurines [Statuettes] Of StoneMosaics For BuildingTarred Strips, For Building
Branching Pipes, Not Of MetalFire BurrsMouldable Wood / Moldable WoodTile Floorings, Not Of Metal
BricksFlashing, Not Of Metal, For BuildingMoldings, Not Of Metal, For CornicesTomb Or Grave Enclosures
Building Cardboard [Asphalted]Floor Tiles, Not Of MetalFireclay / Grog [Fired Refractory Material]Outdoor Blinds, Not Of MetalTombs [Monuments], Not Of Metal
Building PaperFloating Docks, Not Of Metal,Outdoor Blinds, Not Of MetalTombstone Plaques, Not Of Metal
Building GlassFloor Tiles, Not Of MetalPaint Spraying Booths, Not Of MetalVeneer Wood
Building StoneFloors, Not Of MetalPantilesVinyl Siding
Building Panels, Not Of MetalFolding Doors, Not Of MetalPalings, Not Of Metal / Palisading, Not Of MetalWall Claddings, Not Of Metal, For Building
Buildings, Not Of MetalFoundry Molds [Moulds], Not Of MetalPaperboard For BuildingWater-Pipe Valves, Not Of Metal Or Plastic
Busts Of Stone, Concrete, Or MarbleFrame work, Not Of Metal, For Building Parquet FlooringWindow Glass, Except Glass For Vehicle Windows
Caissons For Construction Work Under WaterFurrings Of WoodLuminous Paving BlocksWindows, Not Of Metal
Casement Windows, Not Of MetalGates, Not Of MetalLuminous Paving BlocksWooden Floor Boards


In a nutshell, searching out a correct for your good or service can be a tedious and back-breaking task. Also, the same requires a lot of research and prior experience about the different types of applications and classes.

Further, Trademark Class 19 usually covers all the non-metal building materials but includes various other related products as well.

At Swarit Advisors, our experts will not only guide you with the correct Trademark Class but will assist you with the process of Trademark Registration and Trademark Renewal.

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