Items Covered Under Trademark Class 23: Yarns and Threads

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Meaning of Trademark Class 23

The term Trademark Class 23 deals with the concept of usage of yarns and threads for textile purposes. However, Trademarks are applied or registered under different classes and each class represents a different class of goods or services. Further, the article deals about the goods which fall under this class of trademark classification.

List of Items Covered in Trademark Class 23

TM Class 23 items included

The goods which are mentioned under the Trademark Class 23 are yarns and goods for textile purposes. Therefore, it can be stated that the Trademark registrations which are used for the purpose of the business of these materials and objects are registered under class 23 both at the international as well as Indian levels.

The items covered in Trademark Class 23 are as follows:

  • Cotton Yarns and Threads
  • Woollen Yarns and Threads
  • Linen Yarns and Threads
  • Silk Yarns and Threads
  • Rayon Yarns and Threads
  • Jute Yarns and Threads
  • Darn Yarn and Threads
  • Embroidery Yarns and Threads which include Metal Threads as well.
  • Fiberglass Yarns and Threads
  • Coir Yarns and Threads
  • Chenille Yarns
  • Bedding linen of paper
  • Hemp Yarns and Threads
  • Sewing Yarns and Threads
  • Any threads and yarns which are made of Plastic and Rubber for textile purpose.

List of Items Not Covered in Trademark Class 23

The lists of items which are NOT included in the list of Trademark Class 23 are as follows:

TM Class 23 items excluded

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 23

TM Class 23 Coordinated Classes

Whenever any specific goods or services falls in more than one Trademark Class, then in such cases the concerned applicant needs to apply for the registration of such Trademarks in each of the classes under which such a good or service falls.

Hence, the other classes in which the applicant will apply for the registration of Trademark are called as the Coordinated Classes.

Moreover, the Coordinated Classes for this Class 23 are as follows:

  • Rope and Textile Products under Trademark Class 22.
  • Textiles as mentioned under Trademark Class 24.
  •  Lace and Embroidery as mentioned under Trademark Class 26.
  • Advertising and Business Services as mentioned under Class 35 of Trademark.
  • Science and Technology Services as stated under Class 42 of Trademark.

Alphabetical List of Goods as Mentioned Under Trademark Class 23

  • Chenille Yarn
  • Cotton Thread And Yarn
  • Coir Thread And Yarn
  • Darning Thread And Yarn
  • Elastic Thread And Yarn For Textile Use
  • Embroidery Thread And Yarn
  • Fiberglass Thread For Textile Use
  • Hemp Thread And Yarn
  • Jute Thread And Yarn
  • Linen Thread And Yarn
  • Rayon Thread And Yarn
  • Rubber Thread For Textile Use
  • Sewing Thread And Yarn
  • Silk Thread And Yarn
  • Spun Cotton
  • Spun Thread And Yarn
  • Spun Wool or Worsted
  • Spun Silk
  • Thread Of Metal For Embroidery
  • Threads Of Plastic Materials For Textile Use
  • Woolen Thread And Yarn


Thus, it can be stated that in order to get a Trademark Registered in India for any of his or her goods and services needs to apply under the correct Trademark Class. However, the situation in which the applicant fails to apply in the correct form for a trademark to be registered in India, then in such case he or she will have to apply again for the same. Thus, it is important to contact any trademark professional for the smooth working of the said process.

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