Chemical Treatment of Materials under Trademark Class 40

Trademark Class 40
Shivani Jain
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“Trademark Class 40” signifies a Class of Trademark Classes that primarily deals with the services of nature, such as Mechanical or Chemical Processing, Manufacturing production of Inorganic and Organic substances.

However, the services concerning Repair and Customization are not included in Trademark Class 40. 

In this blog, we will discuss the idea of Trademark Class 40, along with the List of Services covered under this Trademark Class.

Services Covered under Trademark Class 40

The services covered under Trademark Class 40 are as follows:

  1. Services concerning the transformation of an object or material and any procedure involving a change in its essential characteristics;
  2. Services relating to the material treatment of any substance during the time of production;
  3. Custom manufacturing of goods;
  4. Food and Beverage Treatment;
  5. Energy Production Treatment;
  6. Transformation of Materials;
  7. Printing, Photographic and Cinematographic development;
  8. Duplication of Audio & Video Recordings;
  9. Air and Water Purification and Conditioning;
  10. Slaughtering;

Services Not Covered under Trademark Class 40

The services that not covered under the Trademark Class 40 are as follows:

  1. Repair Services;
  2. Certain Customization Services;

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 40

Trademark Class 40 Coordinated Classes

The term “coordinated classes” denotes a situation in which a particular service or product falls under the realm of more than one trademark class. Also, in such a case, the applicant needs to file an application in each of such trademark classifications or classes.  Moreover, the other term used for Coordinated Classes is “Related Classes”.

The RelatedClasses for Trademark Class 40 are as follows:

  1. Trademark Class 45: Legal & security services;
  2. Trademark Class 44: Medical & Veterinary Services;
  3. Trademark Class 43: Food concerning Services;
  4. Trademark Class 42: Science & Technology Services;
  5. Trademark Class 41: Education & Entertainment Services;
  6. Trademark Class 39: Shipping & Travel Services;
  7. Trademark Class 38: Telecommunications Services;
  8. Trademark Class 37: Construction and Repair Services;
  9. Trademark Class 36: Insurance & Finance Services;
  10. Trademark Class 35: Advertising & Business Services;

Complete List of Services Covered under the Trademark Class 40

Abrasion services

Freezing of foods services

Planning [saw mill] services

Air purification services

Fruit crushing services

Pottery firing/firing pottery services

Air deodorizing services

Fulling of cloth services

Printing services

Air freshening services

Fur conditioning services

Processing of cinematographic films services

Rental of air conditioning apparatus services

Fur mothproofing services

Processing of oil services

Applying finishes to textiles services

Fur glossing services

Quilting Services

Blacksmithing services

Fur staining services

Recycling of waste and trash services

Boilermaking services

Fur dyeing services

Refining services

Rental of boilers services

Galvanization services

Saddlery working services

Bookbinding services

Rental of generators services

Sandblasting services

Burnishing by abrasion services

Gilding services

Sawing [saw mill] services

Cadmium plating services

Glass-blowing services

Shoe staining services

Chromium plating services

Gold plating services

Silkscreen printing services

Cloth edging services

Grinding services

Silver plating services

Cloth cutting services

Incineration of waste and trash services

Skin dressing services

Cloth waterproofing/fabric waterproofing services

Key cutting services

Slaughtering of animals services

Cloth fireproofing / fabric fireproofing / textile fireproofing services

Knitting machine rental services

Soldering services

Cloth dyeing services

Laminating services

Sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation] services

Cloth pre-shrinking services

Laser scribing services

Rental of space heating apparatus services

Clothing alteration services

Leather staining services

Stripping finishes services

Colour separation services

Leatherworking services

Tanning services

Crease-resistant treatment for clothing services

Lithographic printing services

Taxidermy services

Cryopreservation services

Magnetization services

Textile dyeing services

The custom fashioning of fur services

Metal plating services

Textile treating/cloth treating services

Custom tailoring services

Metal treating services

Textile mothproofing services

Custom assembling of materials for other services

Metal tempering services

Timber felling and processing services

Decontamination of hazardous materials services

Metal casting services

Tin plating services

Services of a dental technician services

Mill working services

Material treatment information services

Destruction of waste and trash services

Nickel plating services

Upcycling [waste recycling] services

Dressmaking services

Offset printing services

Vulcanization [material treatment] services

Dyeing services

Optical glass grinding services

Warping [looms] services

Electroplating Services

Paper finishing services

Waste treatment [transformation] services

Embroidery Services

Paper treating services

Water treating services

Production of energy services

Pattern printing services

Welding services

Fabric bleaching services

Permanent-press treatment of fabrics services

Window tinting treatment, being surface coating services

Flour milling services

Photo composing services

Woodworking services

Food smoking services

Photographic film development services

Wool treating services

Food and drink preservation services

Photographic printing services

Photogravure service

Framing of works of art services



In a nutshell, it is pertinent to mention that choosing the right class of trademark classes plays an essential role in getting Trademark Registration smoothly and hassle-free. However, the same is a complex, intricate, and tricky task as well.

Also, the process of Trademark Search or Public Search needs a lot of previous knowledge, skills, and experience relating to the different classes of Trademark Classifications. In case of any other doubt or confusion, reach out to Swarit Advisors, our proficient professionals will guide you with the course of TM Search and Trademark Registration

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