What is the Purpose of Copyright Registration?

Purpose of Copyright Registration
Swarit Advisors
| Updated: Jun 08, 2018 | Category: Copyright

The copyright implies the exclusive right to publish the work or any significant part of the production or reproduction of the interpretation of the work according to Section 14 of the Copyright Act 1957. There can be no duplicate right in works which have not come into existence. It can subsist just in regard to works effectively composed or published. The work which is not in present existence can’t be subjected to the issues of copyright. Copyright registration gives the privilege to avoid copyright or issuing the duplicates of the work (such as books, software, recordings, programming, artistic, scripts, etc) in the general society or the privilege to avoid the making duplicate copy of original work. In this article, we will discuss about Purpose of Copyright Registration?

Why is Copyright Registration is required?

When you start your blog and you are providing unique content and composition, then that turns into your property and the copyright is consequently permitted over your blog content. This implies that others need to consent you before utilizing your work. Most of the peoples don’t prefer, whereas it is extremely conceivable for you to discover your work on different websites, either completely or in parts. In the event that you don’t affirm of how it is utilized on these locales, you might need to take legal action against them.

When your copyright registration process is done then you may claim the authorship if somebody else published your work. It is the right of the owner to decide whether to publish that or not. He is allowed to take preventive actions to avoid reputation loss. Copyright Registration helps in safeguarding the rights of the creator, it is a legal protection so that no one can misuse the copyrighted work of the creator in any way, without the permission of the owner. The lifespan of copyright protection lasts until 70+ years even after the death of the author.

Now as you are aware why copyright is required, you must know how to copyright a blog. It can be done online also or you may consult our professionals so that we can guide you with what documents you will be required while filling the copyright registration blog. Make sure that when you are going to register your website for the copyright, then only content which is submitted with the application is applied for copyright law. Whereas it doesn’t protect the other content that you add to your website later on. In case if you are continuously providing the blog to your website then you may reach us to get more insight details. We will not only guide you but will also provide you with the best solutions to apply for copyright registration. Copyright Registration is voluntary, so you must make sure about your requirements before applying for it. No matter if you apply for copyright or not but simply make a track of this that your content is not utilized over the web unfairly. We at Swarit Advisors are always there to guide you in every possible way.


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