Why & How is Copyright Registration is an Important Step?

Copyright Registration is an Important Step
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| Updated: Jun 21, 2018 | Category: Copyright

A copyright of anything is a form of intellectual property whose rights are reserved. A Copyright registration online is done to protect against theft of the original work just like a trademark or a patent. A copyright is a legal right that is given by the law of the government to the original creators of the intellectual property. The intellectual property could be anything from literature, drama, music or artistic work.  By having a copyright over an intellectual property, the right over the property is protected and its creativity is rewarded. In this article we will discuss How is Copyright Registration is an Important Step?

What Sort of Rights does Copyright Registration Include?

Any Copyright Registration will include certain rights like that of the following: –

1) Rights of reproduction of the contents

2) Rights of selling the copies

3) Rights to reserve an amount of sold copies.

4) Rights to communicate with public then adaptation and translation of the work.

What are the Laws Regarding Copyrights and the History of Copyright Registration in India?

In our country India, any copyright registration process is done under the copyright act of 1957. This copyright act of 1957 will legally protect your original creations from unauthorized uses. But ideas or procedures or something like a method of operation or any mathematical concept will not be copyrighted. And so this copyright Registration right is only given to the creators by the law for the work like literature, drama, music, artistic work, cinematography/films etc.

Reasons to Register a Copyright

1) Legal protection: – A copyright registration will serve as the prime face evidence in the court of law as for the ownership of the original work. So this copyright Registration gives the owner legal protection for their work.

2) The branding and goodwill: – The copyright Registration certificate can be used for making and marketing and then creating a sense of goodwill and quality in the minds of the public or your customers. Having a copyright Registration will show everyone that you truly care about your work.

3) It restricts any unauthorized reproduction:- A copyright Registration shall establish the fact that you are clearly serious about your copyrighted infringement. This shall stop any unauthorized reproduction of your original work as it provides the owner of the original work with the legal remedies.

4) The global protection: – your original work that is copyright registered in many countries will be accorded with similar privileges just like here in India.

5)  The asset creation: – A copyright registration will create an intellectual property, it is an intangible asset. The registered copyrights are the intellectual property of its creative owner. These copyright Registration rights can be sold as well. It can be franchised or contracted commercially.

How to Prepare an Application for Copyright Registration?

1) Prepare your application- Application Preparation can be done via a legal expert within 2 to 3 days.

2) The filing for copyright registration application– Once you are done with a preparation of copyright application signed by you, we can proceed with the filing of the copyright Registration application. It can be done manually or electronically.

3) The final copyright Registration- Once you have filed the copyright Registration application, the government will start processing it and that will take anywhere from 2 to 3 months.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to apply for copyright registration then reach our professionals at Swarit Advisors we are constantly available 24/7 hours to meet your requirements. We have made a place in offering reliable and precise online legal services to our customers, in order to avoid any issues. We let you prepare your document and guide you all the way until you get your registration done.


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