How To Get Music License In India – 5 Steps To Get Started

How To Get Music License In India
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Nowadays, it is quite easy to get a music License in India. The two leading organizations that are providing Music License in India are PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) and IPRS (The Indian Performing Right Societies) LTD.

You should obtain a Music License if you want to use the copyrighted music for your work. You need to pay some royalty fees against that Copyrighted music.

In this article, we will discuss the procedure of obtaining a Music License in India through IPRS Limited.

What is IPRS?

IPRS (The Indian Performing Right Societies) Limited is an organization that permits all music users to use the copyrighted music and collect royalties against that copyrighted music. All IPRS members give this legitimacy to their customers. Thus, the fees received from IPRS customers will be distributed among all its members after deducting the administrative cost of IPRS.

The administration and policies of the company are controlled by its Council of Directors, which is elected by its members at every General Meeting. There is an equal representation of authors and composers in every region.

The Chairman of Governing Council is Mr Javed Akhtar, an author member of the IPRS.

Benefits of Music License in India

There are various benefits of obtaining a Music license in India. Let’s discuss some of its benefits:

  • Music license helps the artists to use this as a platform for showing their talent to the world.
  • Music license helps in enhancing the popularity of the song or event of the artist.
  • As the creation of the artist will be copyrighted after obtaining this license, there will be no chance of stealing the creation of an artist.
  • The third-party can easily download or subscribes the creation with the name of the artist. Hence, it is a good earning source for an artist.
  • An artist can get a right to perform their work through public events or broadcasting.

Types of Music Licenses in India

There are various classifications under which one can get a music license in India. The categories defined under IPRS are as follows:

Music License in India for Public Performance

  • Multiplex and Shopping Plaza, Arcades, IT, Parks, etc.
  • Hotels, Guest rooms, lodges, resorts, holiday homes, clubs and boarding and lodging premises.
  • Event performance at premises
  • Amusement park
  • Pubs and Disco
  • Malls
  • Restaurants, Dining rooms, bars, lounges, coffee houses, cafes, and relatable premises.
  • Publications
  • Banquets halls and auditoriums
  • Sports
  • Service-oriented Premises
  • Waiting premises
  • Transportation services

Music License in India for Television and Radio

  • Community Radio Broadcast
  • Television broadcast through satellite
  • Radio broadcast

Music License in India for Physical Medium/ Streaming/OTT (Over the Top)

  • Non-Interactive Music streaming services on the Internet.
  • Interactive music Streaming services on the internet.
  • Karaoke service on the internet.
  • Utilization by Cinematography films on Electronic Digital Medium through download, renting, Streaming and sale and physical medium.
  • Utilization by Sound recording on Electronic Digital Medium through download and physical medium.

Music License in India for CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone) or Ringtone

  • Utilization by Ring tone or caller back tone.

Music License in India for Commercial Purpose

  • Sound or Music in Advertisement, Corporate videos or audio and promotional videos.

Licensing forms for Music License in India

  • Live performance
  • General Licensing form

Procedure for obtaining Music License in India through IPRS


STEP-1 Selection of the Music License category

There are various categories for music license as mentioned above, so, the applicant has to decide whether in which type he wants to get a music license in India.

STEP-2 Create Account

After making the selection regarding the music license category, the applicant has to register himself or herself on the site of IPR by selecting the type of music. He can create his account by filling details of the following:

  1. Name
  2. Address with State and PIN
  3. Contact Number
  4. E-mail ID
  5. GST
  6. TIN
  7. TAN
  8. PAN
  9. Password for Login

STEP-3 Verification of contact details

After filling all the details, the candidate has to verify his phone number and E-Mail ID.

STEP-4 Payment of Music License Fees

In the next step, the candidate has to agree with all terms and conditions and need to pay the requisite fees online for the applied category of the music license. The fees can be paid online through the HDFC portal. And after completing the payment, the online receipt will be sent to the applicant through SMS or E-Mail.

STEP-5 Introduction Letter by IPRS

Once the applicant paid the license fees, then the IPRS will send an Introduction Letter to the applicant. The Introduction letter implies that the applicant is registered in the database of the IPRS.


In the case of Live Performance, the applicant has to provide additional information for the Venue of the live performance event. The applicant can even add more venues. The venue will be created against that applicant for further use of any event.

The following steps should be followed with respect to the venue:

  • Venue creation in case of the event is being held, but the venue is not created on the website.
  • Filling the details of venue form and submit it.
  • Venue selection from existing venue list
  • New venue for a new event

The following steps should be followed with respect to event creation:

  • Dates of the events or performance
  • Appropriate fee or tariff for the event will be displayed
  • Minimum ten songs performed at the event is mandatory
  • Enter the title of the song
  • Then, the applicant has to make a payment, as mentioned in the Background Music category.


Therefore, we concluded that without any Music License, no one could use the copyrighted music for their benefit. We’ve also discussed the various categories of this License offered by IPRS to all its customers. Before applying for any music license, be sure with the type of your application. The procedure for obtaining this license is not very straight-forward. Thus, the decision for hiring professionals would be appreciable to get a Music-License in India.

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