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The Knowledge Corner
Open a Medical Store in India
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Nov 28, 2020 | Category: Drug

Open a Medical Store in India: Its Concept and Process

In India, Pharmacy or Medical Store Business is considered“Evergreen”, as the same is not affected by any economic cycles or pandemic, such as COVID – 19. Also, due to the...

Distribution of Drugs
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Jul 17, 2020 | Category: Drug

Restrictions on Manufacture, Sale and Distribution of Drugs

In today’s era, drugs have become an inevitable part of everyone’s lives. We need them to preserve or restore our health. Hence, they are also known as life saving remedies....

Drug License Certificate
Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Mar 16, 2020 | Category: Drug, Government

How to obtain a Drug License Certificate in India?

Stepping into Pharmaceutical industry is quite challenging, specifically in a country like India that already accommodates about 5, 50,000 Drug stores. The market of Indian Retail Pharmacy has tremendously grown...

retention of drug license
Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Jan 27, 2020 | Category: Drug

Guidelines for Retention of Drug License

One can find several pharmacies in every nook and corner of Indian streets. Since we often count on the local drug stores for trivial health issues, it becomes indispensable to...

Drug License Rules
Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Dec 13, 2019 | Category: Drug, Government

What are the Drug License Rules in India and its Eligibility Criteria?

Gone are the days when people get sick in the old age only. Nowadays, everyone is dealing with some health issues. Considering the decaying conditions, each street of India has...

types of drug license in India
Gonica Verma
| Updated: Aug 03, 2019 | Category: Drug

Types of Drug License in India

Drug License in India must be acquired by all those persons who are engaging in the business of the pharmaceutical industry. The classification of Drug license will depend on the...

Drug License online in India
Khushboo Priya
| Updated: Apr 29, 2019 | Category: Drug

Procedure for obtaining Drug License online in India

I f you wish to sell medicines or open a pharmacy in India, firstly, you need to obtain a drug license. The reason why drug license is mandatory is to...

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