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Swaritadvisors.com is technology motivated platform establishing the specialized legal & Financial advisory services in India. We are dedicated to helping startups and MNC in solving legal, Taxation and compliance related to starting and running their business around the world.

PAN Card New Rules-Effective from 5th December

New PAN card rules are mainly to be followed by the non-individual business person and the main motive of bringing these rules into effect is to curb the tax evasion and increased the tax base. PAN is known as the Permanent Account Number, that can be used as an identity of an Individual, families (HUF-Hindu […]

Nidhi Company Registration Complete Guide

Nidhi company registration is regulated by the Companies Act, 2013. Nidhi companies are seen in relation to the nonbanking financial companies (NBFC) and the main objective of incorporating a Nidhi company is to encourage the saving habits and save those funds for the benefits of the members. In this article, we will discuss Nidhi Company Registration […]

Checklist for Company Registration in India

There is an online process available for the company registration that is regulated by the Ministry of the corporate affair (MCA). From anywhere in the world you can access the MCA web portal and register your company within a click of a mouse. In this article, we will discuss Checklist for Company Registration in India. You […]

How to file RTI application Online?

RTI, i.e., Right to Information is an act established under Right to Information Act, 2005. Under the provisions of this act, any or every citizen of India has full right to demand/ request information from the public authority which must be answered by the government within 30 days of the request. In this article, we […]

Procedure of Striking off Company under Companies Act, 2013

Once the name of the Company is registered then it cannot be removed from the Register unless it is dissolved by the process of law, either as a result of its winding up or upon its amalgamation with another Striking off Company. However, in case the Company is a Defunct Company, the Companies Act provides a […]

How to Apply for NBFC License?

Obtain the NBFC license, if you intend to enter into Indian Financial Market. NBFCs has nowadays people’s preferred choice over traditional banks as NBFCs has quick loan sanctioning process. NBFCs are preferred because it ascertains the loan eligibility of an applicant faster when compared to the banks. The entire process is online. You must have Net […]

What are the Benefits of Import Export Code?

In this age, everyone is looking forward to growing their business no matter its domestic or international. If you are planning to business outside India then it is not just a cup of tea. Before going worldwide, you have to follow a few procedure and laws to get your benefits of Import Export Code & […]

Private Limited Company Registration in India – Process and Documents

In India, company registration is mandatory with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Before setting up a company in India there are various factors which must be considered by the entrepreneur. In this article, we will discuss Documents for Private Limited Company. Advantages of Private Limited Company Here are the following benefits of Private Limited Company Registration: […]

Shadow Bank – Financial Sector of India & NBFC Contribution on it

If any institution which looks like a bank, acts as a bank and behaves like a bank then it is not necessary that is a bank it can be Shadow Bank. What is Shadow Bank? The concept of Shadow Bank was prevalent in UK, Europe, and China. Shadow Bank can be defined as an entity […]

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What are the Reasons for Mergers and Amalgamation ?

Mergers and Amalgamation is a restructuring tool aiming to expand and diversify businesses for various reasons such as to gain competitive advantage, reduce costs or availing of tax benefits. The merger is a combination of two or more entities into one, it is not just the accumulation of assets and liabilities of the distinct entities, […]

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