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FSSAI License for Packaged Drinking Water

All packaged drinking water in India must get FSSAI registration. It has been noticed that the FSSAI department has been working proactively in relation to the compliance by the FBO in the water packaging business. If you have a business that deals in the water packaging then you must take a look at the FSSAI […]

Checklist for Partnership Firm Registration Process

Partnership firm is considered to be one of the most convenient forms of business, which is seen to easier to form as they only require the involvement of people to kick-start the business. Partnership firm registration process you need to adhere less compliance if we compare to other forms of business entities in India. If […]

Non-Citizens Voting Rights

Voting Right in any country depicts the participatory and responsible democratic government that empowers the citizens to influence governmental decision-making, policy and safeguards their other human rights. It is a guarantee against tyranny and oppression. Irrespective of the nature of the voting right whether it comes from Citizen or Non- citizen it is still important. […]

How Society Registration is Important?

What is Society? A society is formed for the purpose of promotion of literature, science or the fine arts or for providing useful knowledge for charitable purposes. It consists of a group of individuals who unite to fulfill a common purpose which may be related to promotion of science, literature, fine arts and other required […]

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Checklist for Patent Registration in India

Patent registration grants the right to the owner of the patent, for the invention done. It offers the benefits to the patentee such as supervising, creating, practicing, trading or importing the patented product or course of generating the same product. Once the product undergoes the patent registration, then nobody is allowed to make use of […]

A Complete Overview of the GST Registration Procedure in India

GST registration was brought into action to achieve the mission of one nation one tax, so as to remove the multiple hands involved in the taxation process. It came into effect on 1st July 2017. GST registration provides the 15 digit GST registration number and it allows you to obtain a separate GST number for […]

Does Sole Proprietorship Business require Registration?

Sole proprietorship is the easiest and the least expensive way to start a business.  Most small businesses are generally sole proprietorships. But what is a sole proprietorship? Should you start such business? In this article we will discuss about what is sole proprietorship business and should they be registered. Sole Proprietorship in India A sole […]

LLP Registration Checklist in 2018

LLP stands for Limited liability partnership that provides limited liability protection to members associated with the company. Limited liability partnership (LLP) is considered to be the finest form of business for small businesses. LLPs are governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008; which offers a platform to start partnership firms that are easy to […]

Different Types of Food License for Restaurants

All the restaurants who deal in the food industry have to obtain the FSSAI license in India.  There is an online application available for obtaining the Food license which is mandatory for all the restaurants involved in the food business. Let us inform you the areas of business where getting the FSSAI license is compulsory […]

Upcoming Technology in India 2019- Electronic Cars 

Electric cars or E-cars are the future of the automobile in India. India announced the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020’ in 2013 to acknowledge the issues of National energy security, vehicular pollution, and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities. The Government of India has plans to bring the paradigm shift in the automobile industry […]

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