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Khushboo Priya

Khushboo Priya is an experienced Legal content writer with a prodigious proof-reading and research & development skill.

Things to know about Latest Updates on NIDHI Company

If you think to start your own business in the finance sector that also within a reasonable amount, then you need to know about Nidhi Company in India and the latest updates on Nidhi Company. In India, Nidhi company is recognized under the provision of section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013. Nidhi Company is […]

Insurance Broker Registration Requirements and Process

Before we discuss the Insurance Broker Registration process and requirements, it’s important to know why you should engage in this business, if there’s any scope, or will this be beneficial for you, etc. Therefore, let us first peep into the market size of Insurance Broker Business so that you can decide whether or not you […]

SC to Examine: Whether the Governor’s Office shall come under the RTI Act or not?

Supreme Court says that nobody should have anything to hide in the country, not even the Chief Justice of India. It has remained just a question- Whether the Governor’s office shall come under the RTI Act or not? Many petitions, against the transfer petition(s) (Civil) No(s). 151/2019, have been filed till now. Still, it remains […]

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Articles of Association (AOA) and Its Importance for the Company

Articles of Association (AOA) plays a vital role in helping companies to carry their operation efficiently and smoothly. In order to ensure every task is carried accurately, it’s crucial that every member understands his/her actual responsibility towards the company clearly. And, this is what a company’s articles of association is all about. Once the responsibilities […]

Licenses required for starting online food delivery services in India

Any person willing to start food delivery services is required to obtain specific licenses mandatory for the business. Therefore, in this blog, we will make you aware of all the licenses required to start food delivery services in India. But before that let us find out how food delivery services are doing in India so […]

What are the Licenses Required to Open a Cafe

Well, if you have decided to start your cafe, then you must be aware of all the permits and licenses required to open a cafe. Generally, a cafe is a small and informal restaurant. And hence, the licensing for opening a cafe isn’t much different than the licensing required for any other restaurant. In this […]

How to Acquire NBFC License in India?

Every business or company who wishes to start an NBFC is first required to obtain an NBFC license in India. NBFC, Non-Banking Financial Company, is a company which offers identical services as that of a Traditional Bank except issuing on cheques and Demand Drafts. Mainly, NBFCs provide financial services to both individuals and businesses. Therefore, […]

How to Apply for FFMC License in India?

Before we begin with how you can apply for FFMC License, it is pretty crucial to understand the actual meaning of FFMC license. Hence, in this blog, firstly we will talk about FFMC, and then, we will move on to the procedure for obtaining the Full Fledged Money Changer license. What is FFMC License? Full […]

10 Major differences between an OPC & Private Limited Company

OPC and Private Limited Company are two completely different business structures, but both are governed by the Companies Act, 2013. The concept of One Person Company (OPC) was introduced with an objective to encourage single and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to operate own venture. However, in Private Limited Companies, you require at least two members for incorporating […]

Goods Transport Agency (GTA) under GST

Understanding the significance of Goods Transport Agency (GTA) under GST is vital because GTA holds an extremely invaluable role under the Goods and Services Tax as well as for businesses. As the name suggests, GTA is related to transportation of goods and has certain conditions to be known as the same, which we have discussed […]

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